61 Ways to Make Money From Online That None Tell You

61 ways to make money from online

61 ways to make money from online it was our one of the best comprehensive research finding on online earning. The world is changing faster. Nowadays Everything has shifted from physical to digital. As a result, working opportunities are increasing in the digital ocean. Every day lots of new skill set people are required for different digital platforms.

There are huge opportunities for many people to work online. But many of us don’t know what kinds of jobs are available in the market. That’s why we have researched on different marketplaces and found 61 ways to make money from online

61 Ways to make money from Online that none tells you


1.Graphic Design:

Graphic design means creating a craft where a designer creates visual content to communicate with their audience. Graphic design is one of the best skills that you can learn and it will not easily decline. A good graphic designer can make a promising level of money.

2.Photo Editing:

The photo editing job is very creative and creative things never die. If you want to pursue this profession as your career then you can go with it for lifelong. Because every click of a photo needs a photo editor. You can work as a freelancer, a company, and an agency.

3.logo Design:

After covid-19 Digital businesses are increasing. Existing businesses are replacing them from physical to digital. For establishing a business as a brand there is no alternative use of a logo. A logo is a primary need of a business. Now, understanding the market potential you can be a logo designer. It’s a great way to make money from online

4.Social Media Ad Copy Designer:

As Social media marketing is growing, the social media ad copy design industry also growing along with it. in 2021 this will be the best career option to become an Ad copy designer. In fact, every social media marketing agency required an Ad copy designer.

5.Animation Designer:

Animated content is very expensive. Everywhere in the world, there is a high value of an animated content designer. Animation design can be a great profession for you if you learn this skill with full of passion and consistently.

6.Book cover Designer:

For your ebook or physical book, people need book cover design. You can work as a freelance book cover designer in 99 design, Fiverr, freelancer.com. you will be able to generate a good amount of money from online.

7.Infographic Designer:

Infographic is a graphical representation of information and Data. Infographic is one of the most popular visual content that people love to consume. This infographic market has not saturated yet. Because there is a huge demand for infographics but a lack of skilled Infographic designers. So if you want to gain competitiveness be an infographic designer.

8. T-shirt and Dress Designer:

Many giant Garments manufacturing organizations are looking for a skilled designer for designing their products. If you are a skilled designer, they may hire you for the organization permanently or as a freelancer.

9.UI and UX Designer:

There is a huge demand for a UI and UX designer. A qualified UI and UX designer can charge more than $1000 for each design. And clients are ready to pay any amount of money for their service. Because it plays a vital role in website design and search engine optimization. A great UI and UX designed website can make your customer buying journey smooth and easier.

10.Social media post Designer:

There are many social media platforms are available in this world. Each platform requires different types of image and video formats. For example, Pinterest image size and the designed pattern is totally different from Facebook. So, every small and big business organization must require a designer who can design images for every social media platform every day.

B.Web and Application

1.Web Designer:

Over 1 billion websites exist in this world and this number is increasing day by day. As a result, the demand for a web designer is increasing significantly. An average professional website designer charges $49 an hour.

2.Web Developer:

If you have an analytical mind and want to explore your creativity through code then you can be a web developer. A Web developer helps technically. His work starts from developing a website to bug fixes. Whenever organizations face some issues on their website they require a web developer. In short, the web development profession can’t be ignored.

3.WordPress Theme Developer:

Every 2 out of 3 websites in the digital ocean are built by WordPress. In fact, Fiverr has a separate section for WordPress theme designers and developers. If you become a WordPress theme developer, you can earn money from multiple sources such as building a theme and sell it on ThemeForest, create the theme for any organization, and fix bugs.

4.Plugins developer:

An average website required 5 to 20 plugins. If we multiply this number by 1 billion websites then the number will be huge. So, we can’t ignore the importance and career opportunity of plugin developers. And another ways to make money from online

5.Application Developer:

App development skill is one of the most trending skills in today’s world. A company spends millions of dollars developing an application. An app developer has high demand around the world. This skill may help to get the job in different high tech organizations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. An average salary of an app developer is $70438 annually. So, this profession has high potentiality. you can make money as a freelancer and full time employer in different multinational companies.

6.Software Developer:

Generally a software developer is hired for making software for desktop. Some statistics will give a direction, how much potentiality it has in the future. More than 1.3 million job opportunities are available for a software developer and it will be grown by 26% within 2026. So, being a software developer is not a bad choice.

7.Game Development:

Only a game development industry has become 173 billion dollars industry in 2021 and within 2026 it is going to be a 314.40 billion dollar industry. Supporting this huge industry required a lot of game developers. The average salary of a game developer probably 70,000 to 80000 annually.


At present, a chatbot is not a thing of a showoff, It becomes a necessity. Due to enhancing of the eCommerce industry, the chatbot industry has grown up. Many giant industries are showing their interest in chatbot marketing. Because chatbot reduces operational cost and ensures faster communication with the customer. Being a new industry there is a huge scarcity of skilled chatbot developers. That’s why a skilled chatbot developer can take advantage of the blue ocean until it becomes red.

9.Cybersecurity and data protection:

Data is always a precious thing for internet business owners. In fact, data is like money. Many evil-minded people are always looking for an opportunity to hack websites. Protecting a website from cyber attacks there is no alternative way to hire a professional cybersecurity expert. Organizations don’t hesitate to spend tons of money on cybersecurity. An average salary of a Cybersecurity expert is 100000 dollars annually. When you upgrade yourself, your salary also upgrades.

C. Digital marketing


Search Engine Optimization helps you to earn $45000 annually. The main task of Search Engine optimization is to bring a website to the google rank and helps to bring organic traffic.Local SEO: Local SEO brings your business to local search results on Google. The Market of Local SEO Is increasing day by day. you can earn up to $40000 annually.

3.Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is one of the most booming professions in the world, where you promote products and services through social media. A social Media manager easily earn $51000 annually.
4.Sales funnel Builder: A sales funnel is a marketing concept where a potential customer goes through a step by step process to purchase. A sales funnel builder’s main job is to build up this process by understanding the customer and companies sales policy. Salary $53000 Annual.

5.Email Marketer:

Email marketing is the process of sending a promotional email to prospects. It’s an automation system where you have to learn some tools and writing some content.
Salary: $63000.

6.Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing is a paid method that brings your website to the first page of google. It has good market demand. You can earn approximately $50000 Annually

7.Content Marketing:

Content marketing means creating informative, valuable, and informative content and distribute it on different platforms to drive profitable customer action. The whole digital Marketing process is largely dependent on content marketing.

8.Video Marketing:

Video marketing means creating and promoting the video to market of your products, services and increase engagement on different digital and social media platforms to educate your consumers and customers.


A blog is an informational website where different writers and professionals write different informative and rational content on their expertise field. If you have an interest in any field you can start blogging. It has promising earning.

10.Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing means promoting others’ products and earn commission from each purchase. It’s one of the high income skills that everyone should learn. There are different kinds of affiliate programs you can join and earn big money.


dropshipping means a seller does not stock, produce, and deliver product he just sale product according to his own price and takes all the liabilities of the product. It is one kind of Affiliate marketing.

12.Digital Marketing Strategy:

You can work as a marketing strategist. The main job of marketing strategists is to make a marketing strategy using all the necessary marketing tools that help a brand to visible on the internet and maintain its brand. Salary $58000

13.Podcast Marketing:

Podcast marketing means promoting yourself and your product by creating audio content. It is another growing industry, Who does not have much time to read articles they can hear the podcast.

14.ChatBot Marketing:

Chatbot marketing is an automatic AI-based automatic text based messaging system. Without any salesperson, a chatbot can handle a customer by providing relevant content. It is also a great profession to pursue. Because it is a totally new industry.


1.Content Writing:

Content writing is planning, writing, and editing content for marketing and selling purposes. It is one of the best skills that every digital must have. Generally, a content writer is paid on the basis of per word base, project base, and hourly base.

2.Blog Content Writing:

A blog is an informational website where a content writer must need who posts content on regular basis. You can work for your blog or other blogs. Both are very profitable. In fact, 25 ways you can make money from blog

3.Affiliate Content Writer:

Affiliate Content writers write product reviews and persuasive content so that people can come to their website and purchase product through your affiliate link.


If you have strong English writing skills and good knowledge of English grammar rules, you can work as a proofreader. Because there is a high demand for an English proofreader. A proofreader finds and corrects your writing.


A translator’s main job is to translate documents or articles from one language to another language. An average translator makes $19 per hour. The translators’ price depends on the language that he translates for example Chinese translator have a higher salary than any other translators in the world.


Copywriting is a high income skill that helps you to make a six-figure income every month. Copywriting consists of some text and images that influence people to purchase a product and services. In fact, many companies are looking for a good copywriter and willing to spend thousands of dollar.

7.Creative writing:

Creative writing is not technical or academic. It means write according to your own way creatively and use the words and sentences so smartly so that people love to read your content.

8.Product Description:

If you are selling a product on Amazon or other platforms, you need a person who can write a product description for you. Without product, description the audience finds it very unprofessional. So there is a high demand for product description writers.

9.Sale copy Writing:

A sales copy is a text-based format that persuades a customer to purchase the product. Generally, great sales copywriters are not available things to get. Every company pays a high salary to a sales copywriter. A sales copywriter does not need to worry about his future.

10.Social Media Ad copy:

When a company runs an Ad they must need some content that can influence their audience to come to your page. That’s why every small and giant company needs a good social media Ad copywriter who can drive thousands of traffic through their words. In this profession, there is a promising salary.

11.Website Content:

Over 1 billion websites exist in the world and more new websites are adding. So every website needs some content, If you want to be a web content writer then there is huge potentiality.

12.Script Writing:

Video marketing demand is increasing day by day and a video needs a scriptwriter who can make the script for the video content. Good scrip writers are always in high demand

14.Email Copy:

In email marketing, email copy is very important. In fact, email copy is considered the heart of email marketing. Because email copy generates more sales and increases brand loyalty. Become an email copywriter you can do email marketing too.

15.Technical Writing:

If you have good knowledge and passion about different technical issues or facts such as software. then you can start technical writing. Because this industry has 10% growth each year.

16.legal Writing:

Legal writing means drafting a balanced analysis of a legal problem or issue. In this factor, you have to know all the legal issues. If you don’t know about it. Don’t try it.

18.Cover letter and resume Writing:

Many people don’t know how to write a cover letter and resume. That’s why they hire a professional writer. You can’t underestimate this skill. Even you can train many people how to write a cover letter and cv

19.Research and Summaries:

There is a huge demand for research and summaries writers. Many people conduct research but they don’t know how to write a research letter, research proposal, and summary that’s why they hire a freelancer for doing this job.

20.Book and Ebook Writing:

Book writers demand never declined after the evolution of ebooks their demand are increasing more and more. Every professional wants to launch their own ebook but they don’t have much time to write these things that’s why they outsource the writers. The ebook market is very promising and demanding. If you can learn this skill it will pay you for a long long time.

E. Video and Animation

1.Animated Video:

Animated videos are far more engaging and interesting. Nowadays animation quality is so improved that it is no longer a product for children, every phase people love to watch animated videos. That’s why many small and medium organizations hire animated video editors to make their content more interesting and engaging. Making an animation is not so easy, that’s why a professional animated video maker earns a lot.

2.Whiteboard Video:

Making Whiteboard videos is very easy. That’s why its salary is comparatively lower than other video editors. If you are going to select this option as your main career. Then I will suggest you not to go with this option.

3.Promo videos editing:

There is a high demand for promotional video makers. Every company wants to promote its brand on a different platform. The first requirement to promote your brand is a promotional video. A promotional video creator or editor can work as a freelancer and full time employee in different ad agencies.

4.Video Editor:

Within the Next 10 years video editing will be the next booming profession. Because the video marketing industry is growing so well that within 4/5 years it will cross the 19 billion dollar industry milestone. From Social media video editing to wedding video editing, everywhere video editors must need. But you have to be very passionate about it. Otherwise, creativity does not comes out.


1.Sell course:

If you are an expert in a specific skill that is very valuable and can give benefit your audience, then you can create an online course and earn money from it. Due to Covide 9, our education system has already shifted from physical to Digital. Different People are selling courses about different topics such as digital marketing, graphics design and many more and earning lots of money. To expose your expertise and earn money from online.

2.Sell your Photos:

If you love photography and want to expose your creativity then selling photography will give you both money and popularity. Many photographers earning a good amount of money from selling premium photography. Two ways you can sell your photography either marketplace or your own website. But I will suggest you sell it on your website. Because it will help to generate more revenue than the marketplace.


According to a recent survey, 1 billion videos are watched every day on youtube and 500 hours of videos are uploaded. There is a great opportunity for you to utilize this platform. In fact, Youtube has become a career for many people. youtube shares advertisement revenue with the content creator. Even one can make millions of dollars from youtube. But getting success on youtube you have to be consistent and persistent. otherwise, it would be impossible for you to get success on youtube.

Conclusion of make money from online:

Make money from online is not a hard task. In fact, Making money from online gives you financial freedom and ensures better life style. However, you have to persistent and consistent with your work and highly focused on it.

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