20 Success Secret of Skincare content marketing (2021)

skincare content marketing

The Estimated Size of the global skincare market is 155.8 billion dollars and it is expected that within 2025 the market size will be 189.3 billion dollars.

And this is the greatest time for the business owner to work on Skincare content Marketing. Because content marketing is one of the CHEAPEST ways to market your skincare product.

Great Skincare brands like Loreal, Olay are spending millions of dollars behind content marketing. In fact, many small companies are also looking forward to investing in skincare content marketing.

Unlock the success Secret of Skincare content marketing

One of the skincare brand named Skincare by Alana was making 3 million dollars annually, While she started doing SEO and Other content marketing stuffs she managed to increase her revenue by 150%.

So, In this article, I am going to unlock the Success Secrets of Skincare content marketing that BOOST your sales.

1.Improve your SEO:

Still, now, People Search on google first for checking the CREDIBILITY of a product and services before purchase. While you ranked on the first page of google people loved to purchase from you and this will increase your brand trustworthiness .

skincare content marketing

Besides, Search engines are one of the greatest Sources of FREE TRAFFIC that drives billions of traffic from people’s searches. Where, Only Google processes 3.8 billion searches per day. Hence, to improve your Search engine rank you have to emphasize on Search engine optimization.

Though it’s a lengthy process but it will benefit you for a long time. So hurry up and hire an SEO Expert to improve your Search engine rank.

2.Don’t miss out your Audience:

Only Audience can monetize our brands. Consequently, understanding audience insights is a very CRUCIAL part of marketing. Once you understand your audience, you can predict what are their pain points, What are their likings or disliking, Which trends they are following, etc.

And according to their traits, you can set up your marketing strategy. In the recent decades analyzing customers becomes so easy that anybody can analyze their consumer through different tools such as google analytics, google search console, Facebook page inside and Pinterest analysis, etc.

3.Testimonial is the ultimate Solution:

According to research, 57% of people read reviews and testimonials and 56% of people read at least four reviews before purchase.

skincare content marketing

Testimonials and reviews directly impact consumer buying decisions. In fact, having a testimonials can INCREASE 270% conversion rate.

Moreover, you can put different legal certifications, awards, and recognition from a respected organization. It helps to create trust.

4.Provide Solution:

Create content that helps the audience, Like beauty tips, skincare hacks, etc. It is the ACTUAL content marketing and very effective as well. In fact, this is one of the best ways to influence the customer.

Here Reciprocity technique is applied where if you give something to a customer, Customers want to returns something. It’s a simple human psychological HACK.


Content Marketers use this technique very well. In return of their free beauty tips and skincare hacks, customer purchases their preferred products.

As I mentioned before Alane, did the same things and became one of the successful skincare product sellers. You can upload this kind of content via video and text form.

5.Talk About Ingredient:

Ingredient is one of the most important parts of a skincare product. Because people are very much CONCERNED about which ingredient they are using, and is it good for skin or not. So, while you are creating skincare content discuss all the ingredients that are used in the product and their effectiveness as well.


There is a 90% chance that people will buy it from you. Hence, whenever you will make product review video or blog try to say ingredient in detail and their effectiveness. However, if it has any SHORTCOMINGS don’t be HESITATED to tell.

As a result, it builds trust among customer about your brand, and they will understand you are GENUINE.

6.USE Instagram Micro influencer:

Instagram is a lucrative place for skincare marketers because it is one of the best visual social media platforms and the second largest social media platform as well. Using Skin Care micro influencers you can easily attract a lot of audiences within FEW DAYS.

Micro influencers are those who have 1000 to 10000 followers in Instagram. Hiring a model is very expensive while you work with a micro influencer it is much cheaper. Moreover, they are highly engaging with their audience and their content tends look very authentic and trustworthy.

So Micro influencer is the best choice for your brand.


UGC stands for User Generated Content, Here you encourage your consumer to share their experience about your product on Social Media Platforms.

Almost 79% of people are ready to purchase a product while they see any User Generated Content. User generated content does not look promotional, because it spreads a HAPPY and genuine vibe.


On the other hand, customers fell real sense of belonging with your brand when they share their experience. User generated content influences consumer to buy this product urgently.

So, tell your customer to share their experience on different social media platforms and mentioned your brand name.

8.Run Facebook AD:

At present Facebook Ad becomes a resulted oriented tools that helps to bring TERRIFIC sales. If you know your audience properly, running a business ad will be SUPER easy for you .

There are varieties of Facebook ads are available, choose according to your demand and budget. It is another cheapest way to promote your Skincare brand and increase your SALES rate.

9.Follow the trend:

While you are making content just try to follow the TREND. A trend can make your brand successful OVERNIGHT if you understand the current context and take action.

For example, Due to COVID-19 everybody is working from home and staying home. This is the best chance to promote your brand by understanding current trending. You can create content like how to looks good at zoom call, how to maintain your glamour without going parlor, How to keep your skin oil free at home etc. And at this situation, this kind of content can be highly ENGAGING.

To understand current trends, you can use google trends, Quora, Reddit, and different social media groups because many people share many problems and looking for a solution.

10.Keep tracking your competitor:

Track your competitor’s every step, what are they doing well, how they did, what are their strategy, where you can compete with them etc.

Track everything that good for your brand if you find some great idea immediately implement this. While you track your competitor, you will get a chance to IMPROVE your brand as well. It helps to create a competitive ADVANTAGE.

11.Arrange Contest:

If you want to increase customer engagement, you can arrange some contests like photo contest, beauty contest, quizzes, etc. It is a great opportunity to increase user generated content as well.

Some contests are very effective for market research also where you can get some feedback from your customer through quiz. If you really want to understand customer and increase engagement these kinds of the contest are very WORTHY.


Collaborate with your competitors gives you a Sensational result. According to FORBES this kind of collaborative competition, when it lasted from three to five years, had more than a 50% chance of mutually reducing company costs.

In the skincare industry, you can go for collaboration with your competitor by sharing content like you will upload some content on your competitor’s platform, on the other hand, you will allow your competitor to come and upload content on your platform.

In one sentence we can call it GUEST posting. As a result, both can gain an advantage by sharing audience.

13.Omnichannel Marketing:

Omnichannel marketing is a multichannel approach of sales that seamlessly integrate with all other communication tools that consumer probably use before making any purchase decision and make their purchase smooth.

According to the state of commerce experience almost 44% of B2C buyers and 58% of B2B buyers they always research online before buying any product. Most of the time they conduct research on different platforms.

In one sentence Omni channel marketing means, you have to be present in every platform where your customer may go.

For example, your content must present on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and other digital platforms. Omni channel marketing does not allow stick with just one platform or one form of content.

14.FAQ Pages:

Create Frequently Asked Question Page. Frequently Asked Questions pages are an INAUGURAL part of good navigation and a better user experience. Basically Frequently Asked Question pages means putting multiple questions including answer that customer may ask frequently.

It helps the consumer to solve their problem without asking any question and it allows them to understand your brand more CLEARLY. You may put this FAQ after every blog related to your topic.

FAQ pages help to give a higher rank on google because while you include a FAQ page google can diagnose your brand more clearly. Moreover, FAQ pages established yourself as an EXPERT in your field. Every skincare marketer should include FAQ Pages.

15.Include Important Pages:

Being a skincare marketer or business owner, you must have a website if you want to conduct your business online. On the website, pages are the most important ingredient. More pages explain more details about your brand.

However, when you are new at this industry you must have some common pages on your website which can BOOST your sales and generate higher ranking on google.

The pages are About page, Privacy and policy page, FAQ pages and Contact page, Blog page, etc. These pages give a professional look at your website and provide a better User experience. This part is an unavoidable and very basic part of content marketing.

16.Coupon Marketing:

68% of consumers believe that digital coupons increase brand LOYALITY and 77% of consumers spend $10 to $50 more than intended when redeeming coupons. So, Coupon Marketing is another great way to get consumers because, For 89% of consumers, price is the main factor affecting PURCHASING decisions.

Though coupon marketing has not had a direct connection with content marketing but Promoting coupons is connected with content marketing.

In fact, it is a great way to increase customer loyalty, beating competitors, increase sales, gather more market share, and increase conversion rate.

17.Become an early adapter:

Over the last 10 years, technology has changed dramatically. NEW platforms are coming every year 2 or 3 years and replacing old ones. So, always be flexible with adopting new technology.

Because, if you become an early ADAPTER of new technology or new digital platforms, it will give you first mover advantage, Where you can enjoy a competitive advantage over a lot of competition.

The best thing about the digital platform is, if you become flexible, you will get always an advantage. On the other hand, if you stick with just one platform, anytime you can go DECLINED position.

So Don’t be afraid of changing.

18.Create your website with great user experience:

Website always matters in the digital ocean, it is one kind of digital shop. Where user interface and web content are very much important factors to be considered. Because Well furnished website attracts the customer and spreads the AUTHENTIC vibe.

Along with the design, web content is an UNDENIABLE element for attracting and converting customers. Write some persuasive content that influences customers to buy and build trust.

You can write web content by yourself if you are enough confident, otherwise, you can hire a professional web content writer. Investing in web content and web design always gives you longtime BENEFIT.


Once you are creating content for the skincare brand, you have to take care of image content. Around 65% of people are visual learners and images are the best way to APPEAL. According to Hubspot image content stays 3 days in a consumer’s mind which far more batter than text and audio content.

So, High quality images specially for the skincare industry are necessary because customers influence when they see the result visually. Create a highly engaging and creative image so that it can enhance your website traffic. Moreover, the image creates emotional appeal. In fact, 70% of consumers are influenced by EMOTIONAL appeal rather than RATIONAL appeal. On the other, 70% of organizations create visuals for promotion.

20.Social media Live:

Social media live are very interactive and engaging. Online streaming is the fastest growing industry worth 70 billion dollars. No other platform or marketing strategy allows for such a level of interaction than social media live.

Social media live brings your consumer closer to you and create a sense of COMMUNITY. Moreover, Live streaming creates brand loyalty and builds trustworthiness.

So, if you are a skincare marketer live streaming option is one of the best options for increasing sales and CONVERTING customers.


These strategies are the ultimate solution for skin care content marketer. No body can ignore these solution. Small organization to giant organization everyone is using these strategies. Here you have given some content ideas that helps you to gain enormous result.

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