Top 10 OmniChannel Content Marketing strategy with Example

OmniChannel Content marketing

An omnichannel content marketing strategy is very Crucial for increasing sales and capturing a large portion of the market share. According to Harvard business review, 73 percent of all customers use multiple channels during their purchase journey.

The State of Commerce Experience 2021 shows that almost half (44%) of B2C buyers and 58% of B2B buyers say they always or often research about a product in online before going to physical store. Adjunctly, same place Omnichannel content marketing strategy works.

what is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is a multichannel approach to sales that Seamlessly integrate with all other communication tools that consumer probably use before making the purchase decision and make their purchase smooth.

What is OmniChannel Content marketing?

Omni channel content marketing means creating content for consumer at every Available digital platform

For example creating content for both, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube where consumers come to take a purchase Decision.

Hence, while customers come to these platforms they will find you on every platform. This is called OmniChannel content marketing.

OmniChannel marketing strategy can be both online or offline . But here we will Focus on online Omni content strategy only.

Now, Here we will discuss some strategies that must be needed to adapt before creating omnichannel content marketing strategy.

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Top 10 omnichannel content marketing strategy.

1.Understand your Audience:

The initial phase of omnichannel content strategy is to in depth customer Identification and discover what are their needs, pains, problems, and what is their buying process.

Certainly, You have to identify Ins and Outs information about your consumer such as their online or offline buying preferences, what types of content they prefer to consume text or video, which digital platform they use most etc.

While you have proper knowledge about your consumer, it will be easier for you to create an effective omnichannel content marketing strategy.

2.Identify the best channel:

The next step is to identify the best channels that your audience is currently using for communication and taking decisions.

There are Plenty of platforms are available in the digital ocean, every platform is not preferable for everyone.

For example, if your targeted audiences are professional, you have to choose LinkedIn as your marketing channel. Because Most of the professionals surfing on Linkedin. However, you have to consider other platforms too,

Where your prospects probably go such as chatbots, email, and Instagram. After mapping out each channel, evaluate which channel works Better and where you can invest more.

Most importantly, choose those where you can give your Best and have expertise over this channel.

3.Create content for different platforms:

After evaluating channel and customer, now, it’s time for Content creation and publication on different platforms. Content must be Relevant and Informative that fulfil the need of your audience.

Most importantly, every content which you are publishing on different platforms must have alignment between each other.

Don’t provide different information for different platforms. It may create confusion and chaos. In fact, audience may get frustrated.

Certainly, form of content may be changed but the information should be the same on every platform.

4.Maintain consistency:

You have to follow a Specific style guide while you are creating an omnichannel content such as same fonts, brand colors, logo, layout, types of graphics etc, in every platform.

As a result, you can create a unique brand identity and it will register your brand name in the consumer’s mind Permanently.

5.Always Upload fresh content:

Consistently Updating fresh content in every platform helps you to increase your audience base. Fresh content creates trust, credibility, and brand loyalty among audiences.

Fresh content means providing updated information that helps your audience. While you upload content consistently it not only creates trust among the audience but also helps to get rank Higher on search engine.

6.Always do something unique:

Making your content marketing strategy Unique can disrupts all your competitors. If you want to drive more audience and more sales, you have to do something different or Big.

Certainly, unique content and unique strategy always keep you one step Ahead than your competitors. Moreover, Unique content drives more traffic, share, likes, and engagement.

However, Unique content does not mean full of irrelevant or unrealistic information.

7.Don’t be fixed with one format:

Don’t be Stuck with just one form of content. Because right now people are love to consume different types of content such as video, infographic, image, and text.

According to statistics almost 85% of web traffic comes from video content.

According to Wyzowl, 66% of consumers prefer watching a video rather than reading about a product.

On the other hand, 65% of brands use Infographics in their content marketing efforts and infographics boost 12% more web traffic.

Consequently, If you are creating text based content, try to create some Video and Image based content as well. Otherwise you may lose lots of opportunities.

8.Follow the trend:

Successful entrepreneur always knows the Significance of the trend in the scope of their business. It has a crucial impact on marketing too.

Hot trends allow you to understand your customer and their needs. Most importantly, if you follow the trends it will help you to make better forecasting.

Moreover, trending is the arsenal of predicting future Threats and Opportunities. So, before creating content understand what’s going on your industry and how can you adapt with these trends.

A person who catches on to the common trends and takes action according to the situation can be far more successful than someone who has plenty of experience in that industry.

9.Adapting New technology:

Though I could align this option with the previous one. But I thought I should cover this option in detail. Technology is changing Tremendously and it impacts on our daily life too.

Before 10 to 20 years ago technology were not much Significant that it is now. Changing technology is now dominating the Omni marketing strategy. Because it gives the audience a Diversified option, that’s why Audiences are switching from one technology to another one.

As an Omni marketer strategist, you should adopt with the technology Faster than others, even faster than your consumer.

Here, I can draw an Example of Asian paint. Asian paint is one of the largest paint manufacturing companies in the Asia. Before the 90s nobody could compete with them due to their faster technology acceptance nature. When computers were rare from that day they were using computer for marketing and distributing.

While you are creating an Omni content strategy you should be more open to Adapt new technology otherwise you can be declined.


Either you are doing digital marketing or traditional marketing. Every aspect of marketing communication is a Prerequisite element,

Because feedback is the best option to make your content and product best. Plus Engage with the customer through different platforms allow you to create loyal customer or audience.

On the other hand, Communication Increase your content ranking on different platform including Google, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Example Omni marketing strategy:


Disney is a great example of Omni marketing. They create a seamless experience for their customer. Let’s see Disney Omni’s marketing strategy.

Disney vacationers get a Fast pass wristband in the mail before their trip. Disney encourages their consumer to share their Disney experience on different social media platform or Disney’s own platform such as their Facebook page, websites, and mobile applications, etc.


Through Disney mobile app, you can make, track and edit your vacation plan. Moreover, Disney sends Personalize emails with memories from the trip.

Plus customized variable print offers and digital retargeting for the future. In fact, Disney is the perfect combination of omni digital marketing strategy.

2.Nike :

Nike is a leading shoe brand in the world and it is well known for its great marketing strategies. Omni Marketing is one of them. In fact, Nike is the Poster Brand of Omni marketing strategy.

From digital shops to physical shops everywhere they have Digitalized themselves. Last year NIKE launched an app that helps you to find product availability at your nearby shop without going to the shop.


In 2006 Nike went for a Partnership with Apple and launched an app named Nike Plus. Which will connect your Nike shoes with iPod and other Apple devices and that track your running distance, time, calories, and heart rate etc.

For all types of customers, they have created separate applications such as Nike+ Run Club, Nike+ Training Club, and Nike+ SNKRS apps etc.


In 2018 Starbucks decided to give free WIFI access to their customer. Getting Free WIFI access customers must give their email addresses.

It was the first phase of Omni’s marketing strategy. Initially, customers who given their email but have not registered yet, Starbucks offer them to sign up Starbucks Rewards category which is called digitally registered customer.


Since creating this category Starbucks was able to gather 10 Million digitally registered customers.

Starbucks launched another offer who will signup the Starbucks app and order handcrafted beverages they will get a free drink. Thus, Starbucks is highly active on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media staff where they regularly Update content.


Walgreens is a true pharmaceutical retailing Giant that has 8177 stores across 50 states of the US. They also have a great example of Omni marketing strategy. Walgreens has an Awesome app that refills your prescription. Just scan the barcode of medicine and automatically generate the refill prescription.


Walgreens also allows their customer to earn points after every purchase from both digital or physical stores. These points and Discounts will be stored on the Walgreens app.

Walgreens introduced Geofencing Technology, when the customer is near Walgreens shop they will get an alert from Walgreen it will show a rewards card and list of coupons.

Moreover, Walgreen launched a Health Tracker technology named FitBit tracker. Walgreens has the facility to take the visual doctor appointment. Without visiting the doctor’s office you can talk with the doctor about your ailment.


Oasis is a UK based fashion retailer company that has a great reputation for the Seamless consumer experience.

From brick and mortar shops to a high quality website, everything they have developed within their organization.


Once you visit their shop, you will find their sellers are carrying iPods to provide instant product information including online payment facility.

Most importantly, if products are out of stock, they will order it and directly Shipped to the consumer’s house. Plus shoppers can install Oasis app and place orders without coming to their physical shop.


Imagine you are looking for a product that showing available on online, but actually it is not available. Now, is not it so embarrassing?

Yes, for Diminishing this problem REI brings a great solution for shoppers through omnichannel content strategy.


They have organized their internal communication level so well that in every shopper touchpoint you will get the same level of Up to Date and accurate information about their product. And this makes their customer Happy and satisfied.


Orvis is a sports goods retailer that won the Award for its unique omnichannel marketing strategy. Orvis provides their employee a tab with pre installed CRM and E-commerce software.

OmniChannel content Marketing.

With E-Commerce tool they can order out of stock products. Through the CRM they can collect their customer information such as their shopping habits and purchase history so that they can identify the loyal customer and provide a Better customer experience. is a B2B E-commerce platform that operates in China. Here retailer can sell their product. Through Omni marketing strategy helps retailers to increase their sales.

Their push notification feature makes them a Customer Driven E-commerce platform. When a retailer uploads any new product, its geolocation tool sends a push notification to the customer who is located near retailers.

Customers can purchase from the retailer’s physical shop or website.

When a customer signs up their apps or website. They Restore all the data and use it for further marketing. Time to time they deliver different kinds of offers and discounts to their customer.


Alibaba is one of the Largest B2B platforms in the world. Alibaba is a china based E-Commerce platform. Gaining customers and sustaining in the competitive market they largely rely on omnichannel marketing strategy.

OmniChannel content Marketing.

According to Statista last year Alibaba spends 30.95 billion dollars on marketing. PPC(Pay per click), Facebook marketing, YouTube, search engine marketing etc. everywhere you will get Alibaba advertisement. Alibaba Ensures a safe payment process through Alipay.

Third party shipping service sends product safely throughout the world. Alibaba is such a platform where genuine customers land with purchase intention.

We NEVER forget to analyze the world’s number one e-commerce platform From its establishment days, has launched many successful marketing campaigns such as multi-channel marketing and OmniChannel content Marketing.

OmniChannel content Marketing.

Large portion of success they got from omnichannel marketing. Especially their Sponsored Product Placement at strategic locations on the web page and app is remarkable. In fact, many E-commerce sites are now implementing this strategy.


Due to the advancement of technology omnichannel marketing becomes so POPULAR that from a small organization to a giant organization everybody can apply Omnichannel content marketing strategy for giving a better consumer experience.

Omnichannel marketing helps to create long term SUSTAINABLE relationships with our customers and gives great competitive ADVANTAGES.

As I mentioned the brands’ names, everyone has SEPARATED themselves from the competition by applying an omnichannel marketing strategy.

In fact, some companies are WELL KNOWN for their unique marketing strategies such as Nike and Starbucks. Compare to products their marketing strategies are much popular.

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