25 Best Ways to make money from blogging

make money from blogging

25 best ways to make money from blogging legally. Blogging is one of the most booming professions in the world.

Most of us just know how to make money from blogging. Here we are giving 25 ways you can monetize your blog blogging. It is not fun, it’s reality. In fact, many people are doing these things and making an enormous amount of money.

But before implementing this you need a little bit of monetary investment and lots of time investment. Your initial investment will be buying a domain or hosting. Because premium domain and hosting allow you to monetize your blog earlier than free one. If you seriously want to pursue your career in blogging then this investment is must be needed.

25 ways you can make money from blogging

1.Google Adsense:

If you have a blog, you can generate six figure income from Google Adsense only. Google shares their advertisement revenue with the online content creators when they place Ad on the website.

2.Paid Sponsor:

Some people don’t want to depend only on Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense can ban websites anytime if someone violates their terms and condition. In paid sponsorship, you will allow your sponsor to place an ad on your content That is not connected with google AdSense.

3.Make money from Blogging by Affiliate Marketing:

When you have a lot of traffic on your website you can start doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a very profitable business model where you can generate a passive income. In fact, many professional bloggers highly dependent on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means promoting other products in returns for commission. However, the product must be related to your niche.

4.Allow guest posting:

Guest posting means when other content creators write content on your website So that they can drive traffic to their websites. Now, you can charge for writing content on your website. An Average website can charge for a guest posting from $8 to $150. It can be more that depends on your negotiation.

5.Sell Backlinks:

Backlink is very crucial for SEO. Search engine like google Consider Backlinks a ranking signal because when a website link to another website it refers they believe the content noteworthy and google attempt to give rank the website. Many websites spend lots of money on generating backlinks. So, if your website is a higher authority website you can charge $500 for each backlink.

6.Sell Courses

Selling courses is another great way to earn money from blogging. In fact, it helps you to create a great source of passive income. you can get paid for your expertise. Creating a money making course You need to create a lesson plan and provide other materials such as documents, checklists, slides, templates, etc.

8.Sell Ebooks:

You can share your knowledge, experience, and learning through an Ebook. It will also help you generate some money. Though it will not more than selling course its production costs are less than course. If you write an ebook by yourself then it costs nothing. Otherwise, you can hire an ebooks writer from fiverr.com, who can help you to create an ebook.


With a market size of 149 billion dollars dropshipping is one of the best options to earn money. Through your blog, you can do dropshipping. Dropshipping has huge potentiality.

It is comparatively more hassle free than selling your products. Because here you don’t need to think about delivery and inventory. You just need to think about promotion and sell according to your price.

However, you have to take all the responsibility of product related issues because here you don’t have any control over the product.

10.Sell your own niche products:

Suppose you write a blog about art and craft. You can sell your own art and crafts products such as painting, home decoration products, and many more things from blog site. Which is very profitable. Through blogging, you can scale up your business. Because blogging helps you to promote your brand internationally and generate higher revenue.

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11.Sell digital Marketing Services:

If you are a blogger and eligible to drive traffic then you can sell your digital marketing services. When you have a well established blog you can get a great standpoint to register yourself as a digital marketer.

Providing digital marketing services is very profitable and you can earn up to 30000 dollars every month as a digital marketer. I have seen so many people who do not have much traffic on their website but still doing well in digital marketing and generating 6 figure income.

12.Grow your personal brand:

When you have a blog, you will get a chance to grow your personal brand. Because in today’s age personal branding is very important. Certainly, it will separate you from your other competitors and represent yourself as a professional and skilled person.

Moreover, it helps to increase your network. In short term, it does not provide much benefit but in long term, you will get lots of benefits.

13.Sell your blog:

Many people don’t want to spend time establishing a blog. Because it is very time consuming and needed to be persistent. That’s why they love to purchase already established blog. They are willing to pay any amount of money for purchasing a blog. So, if you want to sell your blog you can generate a very high income. You can sell your blog on Filpa where people bid for blog.

14.Host paid webinar:

Though webinars idea is not new. But due to corona pandemic people largely dependent on the webinar. For making money you can host paid webinars where you teach the audience about your niche related issues or digital marketing. A webinar not only helps to generate income but it helps you to grow your personal branding.

15.Sell premium Content:

If you find that people are loving your content then you can create some premium content and sell it to your audience. Today many content creators doing this, However, at begging you can’t do this. First of all focus on generating traffic and try to make them loyal to you and then you can sell premium content.

16.Allow Paid membership:

Either you can sell premium content or create a subscription both models are very much similar. You can’t apply two things at a time. You can encourage your audience to subscribe to your website for 1 year at a certain price and they will get the latest update about the topic that you are going to cover.

17.Create Market place:

Create a marketplace where you can sell different kinds of digital products either affiliate or your own product. Wp beginner has a product section where they put different kinds of tools that are related to blogging and digital marketing from there you can purchase those tools. So you can do it also with your website.

18.Start consulting business:

Before starting consulting business, you have to build your reputation in front of the audience, and blogging gives you the floor to build a reputation. You can work as a digital marketing consultant or a passive income consultant.

19.Sell WordPress theme:

If you know how to make a WordPress theme then you can sell it to your website. If you don’t know you can hire a theme developer to build a theme and you can sell it to your audience.

20.Sell WordPress plugins:

WordPress theme and WordPress plugins selling models are pretty similar but selling WordPress theme is more profitable than WordPress plugins.

21.Sell Digital Marketing tools:

If you have a great developer’s team then you can develop digital marketing tools or other tools that are related to your niche and sell them through your blogs. For example Ubbersuggest, Moz, Ahref, etc.

22.Accept Donation:

You can Accept Donations from your community, In fact, many people love to contribute. I always say don’t work for donation, work for people by contributing your valuable content. The donation will automatically come.

23.Create some private Community:

You can create some private community through your blog and generate revenue from there also. I think all of you have heard about a popular website named Backlingo. it is one of the best websites for SEO. They have a community on youtube, Facebook, and Instagram from there they can earn much revenue. So, if you are a blogger try to create your community on other platforms.

24.Start Making product review:

When you have a popular blog many people will come to you for reviewing their product in return you can charge money from them. Many popular bloggers do this kind of thing.

25.Sell template:

Suppose you have made some research that may helpful for your community. Make it as a template and sell it to your audience. For example 30 low competitive and profitable niches. When you upload this kind of content people will willing to buy.


Here are the 25 best ideas to make money from blogging. Making money from blogging is not so hard. You have to consistent with your work and regularly try to improve yourself at least 1% then you will start getting results.

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