How blogging helps SEO, an ultimate guidelines

how blogging helps SEO

How blogging helps SEO? before answering this question, I am going to ask you another question, will you live without a heart? I think the answer is no. Similarly, SEO can’t live without blogging. The blog is the heart of SEO.

If you really want to build up your website an impactful website then there is no other choice without blogging. But many of us don’t know how blogging helps SEO. So, in this blog, we will clear all your confusion and give a clear direction to get a good rank on google through the blog.

How Blogging helps SEO

It goes without saying that Blogging is the only technique to get organic traffic from google. But saying this is not enough. We have to know how it works and what is the logic behind this. That’s why we will elaborate it clearly.

A fresh blog ensures High rank:

Google considers 200 factors to give your page rank on the first page, and Google puts a high value on new and fresh quality content. It signals that your website is alive and you care about your audience and their problems. As a result, google sends high traffic to your website.

how blogging helps SEO

Thus, Fresh and new content gives a reason to your audience to come back again and again to your site. It helps to build trust between the audience and your website. Most importantly, you might not go a website which does not update his content since last three four-month.

In short, to build audience trust and getting a higher rank on google you have to post a fresh blog on regular basis.

Blogging allows you to use effective long tail keyword

The keyword is the backbone of SEO, especially long-tail keywords. Over the years Voice searches, local SEO, and the latest google algorithm are highly recommending long-tail keywords. A survey of google found that half of the searches come from long tail keywords.

Moreover, long-tail keywords are more targeted and easier to rank. Now, only blogging allows you to target long-tail keywords on your website. Because you can’t optimize your landing page with every keyword that your target audience is searching for. Thus, it is quite difficult to maintain the same level of ranking on a specific keyword.

how blogging helps SEO

That’s why the blog will help you to rank in every long-tail keyword including one’s that does not go with your landing page. As a result, you don’t need to depend on your landing page only for traffic, through blogging you will get many other sources of traffic.

Long-tail keywords help in local SEO also. So, don’t depend on the landing page only, start blogging.
In short, if you want to get a good rank on Google, you have to use long tail keyword and without blogging you can’t use long tail keywords.

Blog create backlinks and Backlinks create rank:

Backlink means the number of links that you get from your niche related websites. These links tell Google, your website is trustworthy, reliable and offers good quality information. Moreover, these links work as a testimonial, the more link you will get from high quality website the more likely your customer will trust you.

how blogging helps SEO

However, you never get backlinks through your landing page. Because a statistic shows that 97% of backlinks come from blogs. Though these links don’t impact directly your website ranking but they increase your domain authority which is good for your ranking.

If you publish a high-quality blog on your website, it becomes easier for you to get backlinks from a high authoritative site. Besides, through backlinks, you can get more audiences from other sites.

Internal link

Search Engine optimization always concerns about links such as external links and internal links. Both links are similarly important for SEO ranking. Getting external links is quite difficult but internal links are very easy to get.

Internal link means a link from one page of your website to another page of your website. Moreover, internal links keep engaging audiences on the website for a long time. Along with it reduces bounce rate. Now, where will you put the internal links? The answer is easy, you have to put this on your blogs.
Because only on blogging you can use internal linking.

how blogging helps SEO

As you add more blogs on several topics but related to your website, you get more opportunities to naturally link those pages to each other.

How blogging helps SEO keeping people engage on the website:

A powerful blog can generate millions of traffic. This gives a reason for your audience to come back again and again on your website. Normally people do not have any interest in your landing. They are interested in solving their problems through your blog. If they find something valuable, they will visit your website, connect with it, and become regular followers.

how blogging supports SEO

The blog is a great way to connect with your audience. Now, what are the disadvantages of having no blog on your website? Having no blog on your website, people will not find any value. As a result, they will come and go, and it increases bounce rate, results Google will not give you any ranking.
So, getting more eyes on your website you have to create some blogs.

how blogging helps SEO Creating Brand:

In off-page SEO, we just focus on internal and external linking, but we neglect other off_page SEO techniques that are social media sharing. Social sharing generates more traffic to your website, and this can lead to more engagement, like, share, and comments which is impossible without blogging.

how blogging assists SEO

Moreover, a great blog post can ensure a better result and great brand value of your website organically. So, if you want to grab more audience through other platforms, you have to start blogging from today, try to share it on every social media, and other platforms, where great quality audiences come.


I think you have got the answer to the question, how blogging helps SEO. In every sphere of SEO, you need blogging. Without blogging, you can’t imagine SEO. It has various importance. If your website does not help others through blogging, your website can not be a money-making website.

Blogging is the best way to engaging with your audience. If you still have doubts, you can apply this technique for 6 months, and you will see some dramatic results. It’s not our saying, many experts said this, and they got the result also.

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