15 Amazing Tips Of Content Marketing For Artist

Content Marketing For Artist

Content Marketing for Artist: Do you want to turn your artistic skill into business? And earn more MONEY from your passion. Then you have landed in the perfect place where you will get ins and outs tips of content marketing for an artist.

Now, Why content marketing is so important for an artist?

According to the world’s stats 4.2 billion people are using the internet globally which is more than half of the world’s population. Having a great audience base, People are using the internet as content creators or content consumers.

Internet is the BEST place to promote yourself throughout the world and gain money, POPULARITY, name, and fame. Being an Artist creating a sophisticated place on the internet is not so easy. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency.

Unlock the Tips Content Marketing for Artist

content marketing for Artist

Almost 70% of artists FAIL to achieve success due to having no knowledge of content marketing. Certainly, they don’t follow the basic rules that work.

So, in this blog, we are spotting out some fundamental ideas that an artist must know before growing his business on internet. Seriously If an artist follows these rules for 6 months, he/she will get exceptional results that they can’t imagine.

1.Research keywords and trends:

This is the first and most important phase for a content creator to do before starting content marketing. Because Keywords and recent trends suggest which content will work. In fact, it is considered the soul of content.

keyword research

Keyword research is very easy. There are plenty of paid and free tools are available for keyword research. Just write down your niche(The topic you are going to cover) and press enter. You will get plenty of keyword IDEA.

Google is one of the best places to find the keyword. Write down your niche on the google search bar and it will show some related searches. That related searches are going to be your targeted keywords.

2.Create content:

After Completing keyword research, start creating content on the basis of the keyword that you have selected. You can create content in different forms such as text, video, image, and audio. It depends on your audience type and content type.

video content

But I suggest you create video content.

Because. video content is far more engaging than other content , and it holds the audience’s focus long term on the content. In fact, statistics show that video content generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined. Moreover, 82% of people love to watch the video rather than read social media posts and text content.

3.Upload different social Media platforms:

Over 3.78 billion people are now using social media daily. An average of 2.5 hours are spent on social media everyday by a person. There is a huge opportunity to promote yourself and your brand via different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

social media

You can upload both video, audio, and image on social media. So after creating content upload it on different social media platforms. But before uploading content you have to determine where your audience spends most of the time, there you have to upload. Example If your audience is professional most probably they will use LinkedIn.

I recommend you, choose Facebook as a compulsory social platform. Because it has over 2 billion monthly users.

4.Upload videos on YouTube:

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms and the second largest search engine after google. Over 2 billion people are using this platform for watching videos. People watch videos more than 1 billion hours per day on YouTube.

content marketing for artist

And the best place for promoting your artistic skills. In fact, many artists are making 6 figure income through YouTube. Because YouTube pays a good amount of money for your content. Thus, you can sell courses, the product through YouTube. So, without delay start making a video and upload it on YouTube.


Blogging is another significant content marketing platform for the artist. While you are highly passionate about writing, you should start blogging. Blogging is such a platform where you can explore your creativity and build a great audience base.

Moreover, blogging helps to build new opportunities like growing email lists, building networks and generates high income. Before blogging you have to develop a website where you expose yourself in front of the world and promote its different social media platforms. More than 25 Best Ways you can make money from blogging

Blogging enriches your source of income. But for every art you can’t use blogging for example if you are a singer, you have little opportunity to grow in the field of blogging if you are a writer, a designer then there is the best chance to grow in blogging. Eric Kim a successful photographer has his own blog named eric Kim.


After Facebook Instagram is one of the crucial platforms for content marketing. Basically, In this platform images and videos get more priority rather than text. Instagram stands the second position in the social media industry after Facebook.

content marketing for artist instagram

Generally, 18-30 years old boys and girls use this platform much. So, if you want to explore your passion then Instagram can be the best solution for content marketing. Via Instagram, you can grow your personal brand as well.

In the modern world, Instagram is the best for content creation and promotion especially if you are an artist.

7.Gather Email:

In 2021 email marketing still works. In fact, email marketing has the highest click through rate 2.7 % which far better than other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube.

Moreover, email marketing helps you to reduce your advertising cost and minimize the effort of understanding the target audience. If you are an artist this can be the best choice for you. you can send latest post, video or images to your target audience,

content marketing for artist email

As a result, you will get traffic organically and sells different types of product such ebook, course. Most importantly, Email marketing creates brand loyalty. Doing this you have to collect an email list. Gathering an email list you can use the newsletter and put a call to action button. So that people come and give their email to you.

9.Call to action button:

Call to action button. The call to action is button is a very important part of content marketing. If you don’t say to your audience what you really want from them then how can you expect that they will give that?

content marketing for artist

Certainly, the call to action button defines what you really want from your audience. Create a call to action button clear and straightforward.

10.Have a website:

A website that defines your presence on the internet. Though Facebook and other social media also represents your presence on the internet but they are not much credible than a website. A website creates credibility and trust.


It is a virtual profile of your personal brand, it expresses everything about you such as your information, portfolio, testimonials, and so on. A website has multi-benefits. One of the most important benefits is, you can track your audience. As a result, it will help you to launch retarget ads on different social media platforms.

11.Know your audience:

Either you are making content for an artist or others, firstly you have to understand your audience. What they want, what they want to see, and what they want to consume. what types of social media they are using etc.

Audience Insight

Certainly, Understanding the audience becomes so easier in today’s age, When you have tools like google keyword planner, google search console, google analytics, social media platforms, etc. Thus, you can communicate with your audience through different platform.

When feedback and feedforward process established your audience base becomes rich. However, most content creators ignore this stage. As a result, they can’t establish themselves as a brand.

So before making any content first of all understand your audience and improve your content according to market demand.

12.Maintain consistency:

Consistency is harder, when no clapping you, you should clap for yourself. you must be your biggest fan. While you are going to start content marketing, you should place this golden statement in your mind properly. Because content marketing requires consistent content.


Consistent content gives reason to your audience to come back again and again on your platform. Consistency represents your professionalism and seriousness about your job. Moreover, getting a higher rank on different digital platforms there is no alternative way without consistency.

13.New Content Marketing Application:

Always try to apply something new and innovative because innovation helps to stand yourself different than other content creators. In the digital ocean, if you are doing the same thing that others do, you can’t sustain for a long time.

Innovative content

So be bold and apply something new and innovative that comes to your mind. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. While you apply and implement something new, great results will come out.

My suggestion is for getting success in content marketing, you have to fail several times. Trail and Error method is the best solution for content marketing.

14.Analyze your competitors:

While you analyze your competitor you can create the best and innovative content compare to them. It helps to find out competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. When you compare your strength and weakness with your competitor, you can understand where you should improve.

content marketing for artist competition

And most importantly never be hesitant to adopt good things from your competitors. Always try to make content 10 times better or bigger content than your competitors . Doing this process helps to grow and become the leader of your industry.


All most 77% of the audience click content after reading headline. So always be concerned while you are creating a headline. Headline must be attractive and actionable. Creating attractive headlines you can take an idea from a different blogger such as CopyBlogger, viral nova, etc.

content marketing for artist headline

As a headline creator, I suggest you to read CopyBlogger. Thus, you can take an idea from your competitor’s headlines also. But don’t copy them directly.


These 15 tips are very much crucial for a Content marketer. It is the ultimate solution for artist who wants to make their place in digital ocean. I have unlocked all the unrevealed tips of content marketing for artist.


How many Types of content an Artist Can create?

There are many types of Content can be created Such as 1.Video 2. Audio 3. Ebook 4.Text 5.Images

Which Platforms are perfect for Singer?

YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the best platform for Singer. And video content is the best content for singer

I am a photographer, Can I do content Marketing?

Yes, you can. Many photographer are doing content marketing and they are able to make highly successful business

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