Can you meditate with headphones? Is it really work?

can you meditate with headphones

Over thousands of headphone beasts and meditators are asking a common question, Can you meditate with headphones? Unfortunately, giving a straightforward answer is quite difficult for us. Because some believe that it is healthy, some believe it is not. Without comprehensive research, we can not go any conclusion.

In this blog, we will find some common questions answer. They are

  1. Can you meditate with headphones
  2. Benefits of Meditating with headphones
  3. Meditate with headphones harmful or not
  4. Which headphones are best for Meditation.

Can you meditate with headphones?

The answer is, Yes, you can use headphones while meditating. In fact, many meditation gurus suggest Using headphones at meditation, increase the attention level and refresh your body and soul.

Still, many beginners asked a common question, Can you meditate with headphones? For them meditate with headphones is highly recommended.

Certainly, headphones Used for keeping outside noise away that distract you. As we know, distraction is the first barrier to meditation. At the beginner level, it is quite impossible, to avoid outside distractions by ownself.

That’s why experts suggest headphones at the beginner level. Moreover, If you meditate in a noisy place, there you can use headphones or headspace.

Benefits of meditating with headphones.

Can you meditate with headphones? this answer we have given in the previous paragraph. Now, you have to know what are the benefits of meditating with headphones.

Because without understanding the benefits of meditating with headphone, why you will use it. Now, in this part, we will cover what are the benefits of headphones while meditating. So, don’t go anywhere read this part.

1. Reduce Destruction:

Headphone helps you to eliminate all the background Sounds. And background sounds create destruction. Certainly, Meditation is a game of concentration and focus.

There is no place of destruction. But our destruction full circumstances never let us focus. So, the headphone is the only solution for removing outside noises that creates destruction.

At present, several noises canceling headphones are available in the market. They fully isolate you and help you to focus.

2.Best for Guided meditation:

Guided meditation is important for the beginner. Where you have to put on headphones and carefully listen to your meditation guide. Without any doubt, the headphone is a must needed thing for guided meditation.

Moreover, if you want to follow chants or music as a guide, good quality headphones will improve your meditation.

3.Binaural Beats :

Binaural beats mean playing two different frequencies of sound into each ear respectively. For example in one ear you are listening to a sound in 131 Hz on the other ear you are listening to 121 Hz. Binaural beats is one kind of treatment that is strongly related to meditation. Binaural beats help with meditation, relaxation, and reduction of anxiety.

It is strong music therapy. This therapy improves our brain muscles and promotes creativity. Moreover, Reducing stress, increasing focus and concentration, helping manage pain this therapy is highly effective. In fact, Dr. Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA said, anxiety levels were cut in half for people who listened to the binaural beat audio.

Research conducted on 100 people and found that those who listen to different frequencies of sound are able to reduce anxiety compared to those who listen to the same level frequency of sound. Without headphones, you can’t apply this therapy.

These are the benefits of meditating with headphones. But someone says it is really harmful to our health and brain. That’s why we did another comprehensive research on meditating with headphones is harmful or not. Through our research, we have found some interesting things. These things are discussed in the next part.

Meditate with headphones is harmful or not?

Meditate with headphones Primarily is not harmful to your health or brain. Through Binaural beats, we can improve our brain muscles. Primarily we did not find any harmfulness.

Meditating for the first time if you find yourself unfocused then you can use headphones. You can play music or choose the noise cancelation option. Even many experts believe that meditating with music can increase cheerfulness in our soul and body.

However, some experts believe, long-term meditator’s aim should meditate freely without recordings or headphones. Moreover, you should use headphones by keeping the volume at a minimum level. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your brain.

High volume impacts our brain muscles too. In fact, many medical researchers found that high volume sound can make psychologically disabled.

Which headphones are good for meditation?

My first priority is noise-canceling headphones. Because if you want an uninterrupted noise-free environment for meditation then you can choose this one.

Even you can meditate in a crowded place via noise canceling headphones. Noise canceling headphones. totally terminate all the outside noises. Thus Noice canceling provides you a destruction-free environment. Moreover, if you play the music, you can experience every detail of that track.

There are many brands are available that considered themselves the best noise-canceling headphones brand, but truly they are not. Finding the best headphone is very difficult. Find top noise canceling headphones.

Summary :

Can you meditate with headphones? This topic we have discussed comprehensively, There we tried to find out the real answer to this questions. If we summarise this topic, we can found that yes, we can meditate with headphones.

And it is not harmful to our body and mind. If you are a beginner meditator, it is very essential for you to use headphones while meditating. Because it increases interest in meditation and decreases destruction. Lastly, we recommend you try to use better quality headphones while meditating.

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