Brand Journalism Vs Content Marketing (An Unrevealed Truth)

brand journalism vs content marketing

Before DISCUSSING Brand journalism vs content marketing:

Before discussing brand journalism vs Content Marketing, I want to share a quote from Seth Godin “People DO NOT BUY goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic


Brand journalism and content marketing adjunctly do the same thing, where Brand journalism creates STORIES and content marketing creates a RELATIONSHIP.

They don’t have any RIVALRY between each other. In fact, they are connected together and brand journalism is complementary to content marketing. 

Though many people believe that brand journalism and content marketing are interchangeable terms, but that’s not true.

They have some FUNDAMENTAL differences in their values, goals, and audience insights. 

That’s why spotting the basic differences between brand journalism and content marketing is very important to clear all your informational GAPS.

What is Brand Journalism

Let’s break the word brand journalism. Brand + Journalism = when you do journalism with a brand that we can call brand journalism.

brand journalism vs content marketing

So, brand journalism means telling the Story about your brand in a wonderful way that your audience loves .

 There you include all the RELEVANT information about your brand such as the company’s value, history, success, struggle, failure and bounce backstories. 

Example of Brand Journalism

In fact brand, journalism means a story about your brand. The main objective of brand journalism is to create a detailed image of the brand.

 As a result, it creates awareness, brand loyalty, and a new way to engage customers. 

Moreover, brand journalism helps to create a competitive advantage over highly competitive industry and it increases your brand follower base. 

brand journalism vs content marketing

According to statistics on Twitter 94% of people plan to make a purchase from a business they follow.

Brand journalism is the perfect blend of content marketing, public relations, and corporate communications. For example, different kinds of documentaries such as inside coca-cola, Inside google, etc. are pure examples of brand journalism. A few years back, Brand journalism basically is conducted by the press or news channels. But at present scenario has been changed company is doing brand journalism by themselves hiring professionals or some times they own media company just for brand journalism. For example, amazon owns Washington post, P&G every day from Procter & Gamble, Backing America’s Backbone by U.S. Cellular, Red bulls owing the world’s biggest magazine named media house.


Brand journalism is a NEW marketing concept that was first introduced 17 years ago in 2004 by McDonald’s. Larry Light, chief marketing officer at McDonald’s.

larry light
Larry light

said in 2004 that “Mass marketing no longer worked and that no single ad tells the whole story.” he said, McDonald’s had adopted a new marketing technique “brand journalism”.

Mc donald's

At that time, it was a new way of communication that gathered a lot of CRITICISM . However, while people started understanding the value and importance of brand journalism it becomes the most POPULAR marketing technique over the year.

In fact, it was selected as the TOP 10 MARKETING idea of the decades. After that many giant organizations such as coca cola, P&G, Red bulls started adapting this concept.

What is Content Marketing

Content + Marketing = When you do marketing through content.

Paid advertisement becomes BORING, commercial, and persuasive that generally people love to ignore. On the other hand content marketing is informational, knowledgeable, and inspiring that people love to consume even they search for it.

content marketing

According to content marketing institution

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action

Content marketing is the process of providing valuable, informational content that helps target audience and influence them to purchase. This marketing process is highly focused on selling by solving informational barriers that a target audience may face before purchasing.

For EXAMPLE : suppose you are going to purchase a product, and you don’t know which one would be better. Then you seek help from google for getting some information about the product and services.


And mainly this information is provided by who sells this product either directly or indirectly. When you get convinced with their information you may buy this product from their website or shop.

google image 2

This whole process we can call content marketing. In the digital era, there plenty of platforms and many types of forms are available where you can do content marketing. Every small and medium organization is doing this and getting the results.

Social Media

World’s leading organizations such as P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and John Deere are highly emphasis on content marketing.

brand image

According to the content marketing institute, 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. Point visible conducted research and found that 86% of B2C marketers are planning to use content in their marketing planning.

content marketing stat

Right now what are you reading, this is one kind of content marketing.


The content marketing journey started when people started drawing.

ancient image

Day by day time has changed, forms of communication have changed but the demand for content marketing remained the same.

In 1994 content marketing definition and demand has changed dramatically when the internet and computer were first launched. By Holding the hands of O’Reilly and associates content marketing was first introduced in 1994.


They launched the first commercial website with a dedicated page for “The online whole internet catalog”. From then content became so famous till now it’s working like magic.

Brand Journalism vs Content Marketing


The ultimate purpose of brand journalism is, creating content to developing a brand image. On the other hand, Content marketing works for increasing sales by providing information to the target audience.


Brand journalism creates positive impacts on consumers’ minds and helps to audience realize why this brand stands for.

As a result, a brand gets long term benefits due to its brand transparency.

You can get short term benefits from content marketing because when you upload content audience will come to your platform to consume your content and if they get convinced they will buy.

After creating tons of valuable and relevant content a company registers itself into a brand in the mind of the audience. Getting long time value consistency and persistency require.

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Brand journalism inspires everyone that is related to your brand not only your target audience but also your employee, supplier, distributor, and other supporting staff. They get a reason to be proud. On the other hand, content marketing influences the actual and potential customers.


A company does not need to do brand journalism regularly, after 1 year or every 5 years they can do it. In contrast, A company requires upload content regularly otherwise brand name can be declined and sales will stop.

5.Content type:

Brand journalism content type is very informational, inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining not salesy. Content marketing content type is informational, persuasive and knowledgeable, sales.

6.Company type:

Basically, Big or medium level company can do brand journalism. Because they have many things to say about their organization and operations.

On the other hand, Every organization can do content marketing. In fact, content marketing is the first step of marketing for every small industry.

Note: Some new and innovative start up can do brand journalism. To grab the attention of the audience.

7. Focus:

Brand journalism is the audience’s oriented because they aim to deliver informational, educational, and entertaining content that the audience love to consume.

On the other hand, content is sales oriented because it is providing information that is related to the sales.


We have discussed about brand journalism vs content marketing. But let me clear one thing brand journalism is not a separate thing from content marketing.

Brand journalism is a complementary part of content marketing. In fact, it boosts the power of content marketing.

Their objective, Point of attention, content type May be different from each other but their basic philosophy is the same to create brand awareness among the audience.

Brand journalism is one kind of content marketing. Hence, either your are doing brand journalism or content marketing, investing in both model can give you a high value in the market.

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