8 Best Blogging platforms that must use in 2021 [Selection Guideline]

best blogging platforms

Finding the best blogging platforms is very important. Blogging is one of the best platforms to expose your hobby or business around the world. Either you are doing business or want to grow your personal brand, publishing a blog will give you numerous benefits. Moreover, blogging allows you to drive organic traffic and helps to create a trustworthy image of your website.

While a platform gives you so many incredible benefits, you may understand how much difficult is it to grow. Yes, it’s slightly difficult to grow but it’s not rocket science that only a technical guy can solve this. Even a school going guy can be the master of blogging if he follows some systematic rules.

The first and most crucial rule is to find the best platform where you can upload blog content. After analyzing all the factors, features and popularity you have discovered 20 best blogging platform that helps you to grow as a blogger and gives you a long term benefit. Without any delay let’s cover the whole topic.

10 Factors you should consider before selecting the best blogging platforms.

Now, before selecting the best blogging platform, you have to understand what criteria and factors one should consider before choosing a platform. In fact there 10 different factors that you need to follow.

1.Text Editor:

Text editor is the soul of any blogging platform. A text editor is a place where you write your content. As a blogger, you might need to work with multiple contents such as text images, videos, and infographics. Now before choosing a blogging platform make sure that it has all the facilities that a blogger requires. What are the elements that should be in a text editor

1.Drag and Drop Facility
2.Multiple font families
3.Multiple list type
4.Easy to place the internal link and external link
5.Easy to embedded video from other platforms.
6.Autosave feature
7.Preview option
8.Allow column table
9.Custom HTML & CSS

2.Themes and templates:

The text editor is the backend of your blog on the other hand theme and templates are the frontend of your blog that will appear in front of your audience. A good quality theme ensures your blog customization easy and attractive that the audience loves to experience.

Now, when you are choosing a platform make sure that it has many themes and templates both free and premium. And most importantly themes must have the option to start from scratch rather than use a predesigned theme.

Considering price is another issue of choosing a perfect theme because if all the theme’s prices are beyond your limit then you should avoid this platform.


Plugins are a very crucial part of blogging because plugins put an external feature on a blog that makes your blog more professional and adds more functionality. Plugins allow you to do hassle free customization and provides other features that make your operation easier.

For example site speed, image optimization, SEO tools, Social media tools, Contact form, and payment gateways are the plugins. Before choosing any blogging platform, consider that it must support all the plugins that you require both free and premium. Certainly, it must allow third party plugins.

4.SEO tools:

According to research over 70% of marketers say SEO is the most influential factor to drive traffic and sales rather than a PPC campaign. For a blogger, SEO is a part and parcel of blogging and SEO tool plays a vital role for a website.

How blogging helps SEO, an ultimate guidelines

It helps you to find out SEO mistakes and suggest what strategy you should adopt to make your rank better in different search engines. SEO tool makes digital marketers’ jobs easier. A platform that does not have any SEO functionality, you should avoid this platform and try those who have SEO tools functionality and allow third-party SEO tools such as Yoast SEO and rank Math.

5.Use a premium Hosting plan:

Only premium hosting plans allow you to use every blogging platform. So before start blogging try to do some investment in your hosting. Either you are a beginner or a professional, premium hosting is must need for everyone. When you use the free plan, it supports few features. Suppose you are using WordPress for free, now you can use only WordPress CMS with few features.

When I am using premium hosting I can use everything that needs both free or premium. Moreover, I can change my blogging platform anytime which is quite impossible when you are using free hosting. There is plenty of low prices and highly professional hosting plans are available in the market that you can try.

6.Must have knowledge of one specific platform:

Before choosing any blogging platform you must have some knowledge about it. Otherwise, you can’t get success in the blogging profession. Because platforms are quite different from each other.

Moreover, one platform has plenty of plugins and themes. So you can’t be an expert on every platform. you should choose one and become an expert on it. Try to choose that one which is easy to use and has a lot of resources on the internet.

For example, my first priority is WordPress and I know its every pros and con. If you don’t want to be an expert on a specific platform you can hire someone who can do it for you. There are lots of freelancers are out there who are experts in Blogging platform customization and plugin customization from Fiverr and freelancer.com

7.Consider Price:

Price is another factor in choosing blogging platforms. Some platforms are premium. Though premium platforms are more secure than free. But if you are a beginner I always suggest you go with the free version.

Because at that particular time you should not worry about security you should worry about quality content and SEO. When your blog will start growing at that time you can promote your website from a free plan to a premium plan.


Blogging is not an easy task. while you are blogging you have to take care of many things such as content writing, SEO, Mobile friendliness, Speed optimization, and so on. Everything is directly connected with your blogging platform.

If any one of them faces any issues it may hamper your google ranking. Now, if your blogging platform does not have a 24/7 days support system then you can’t resolve these issues when you need them. So, before choosing any blogging platform make sure of their support system. Moreover, it would be great if they have any video tutorials or other resources.


One malware attack can destroy all your years of effort. It can happen with every blogging platform but you have to take prevention before it happens. So look for those platforms that have proper security plugins.

Moreover, if you have tons of content on your website you should take special prevention., you should not be miser on investing in premium security plugins. For beginner security is not much important.

According to safeatlast, The average cost of a ransomware attack on businesses is $133,000. The most alarming news is that according to Cisco By 2023, the total number of DDoS attacks worldwide will be 15.4 million. So security matters.

10.Popularity among:

This factor is not something that you should follow hard and fast. It’s my personal opinion over choosing a blogging platform. I always choose a popular blogging platform for myself. Because it gives me tons of benefits.

Like, I can evaluate these blogging platform’s effectiveness through reading a positive and negative review. Popular blogging platforms are always encouraged by Search engines and other promotional platforms, which is good for ranking.

Moreover, Popular blogging has lots of resources such as a forum, tutorial, and other documentation. Most importantly, you will get available plugins and themes.

Top 10 blogging platforms that every successful blogger use.


WordPress is the world’s largest free open source CMS Platform which is used globally. Even 2 out of 3 websites on the internet are made up with WordPress. WordPress is very much popular for its User friendly interface and unlimited free and premium themes collection.

It has millions of easily customizable themes and templates with a free hosting facility. Being an open source platform, now WordPress has become an industry for web developers. Millions of plugins are available with thousands of multiple features.

In fact, there is no plugin that does not support WordPress. Not only it is the best platform for bloggers but also it has enhanced its operation in eCommerce, eLearning, and the business field. Personally, I use this platform for the last 5 years.


1.Unlimited themes and plugins
2.Great User interface
3.Free with no Ads
4.100% drag and drop
5.Easily exchangeable
7.You will get 100% control over this platform


1.Support system is not good
2.Security is not much strong


Wix is another most popular content management system after WordPress. Not much as popular as WordPress but it’s growing and will be one of the best blogging platforms. Wix is a cloud based web development service helps to create more professional website and blogsite by html5.

Certainly, it is not only a web development or CMS service but also its ultimate package of a website where you will get the logo, SEO service, business phone number, and web analytics. Its support system is comparatively better than WordPress.

Being a cloud based platform it’s more secure than WordPress. However, WIX plugins and themes collection is satisfactory not more than WordPress. Wix is one of the largest selectors of third party extensions and its WIX shop has over 250 free and premium add ons.

These add ons will help you in multiple ways such as collect leads, analyze traffic, interact with visitors. you can design your site Similar to WordPress it has a drag and drop facility.


1.Security is satisfactory
2.24/7 Support system
3.Most numbers of addons are available.
4.Drag and Drop
5.Tons of Extra feature
6.Template collection is great.
7.Create mobile friendly Website
8.Site Speed is best


1.Templates are not exchangeable.
2.Free plan with Add
3.Tracking and analytics are not free
4.Your site is not transferrable.


Square space is an ideal blogging platform for bloggers. It has a great reputation for its award winning well designed templates that are engaging and shareable. Though Squarespace is a mobile optimized site that offers only 60 templates.

All the templates are well designed and attractive as I mentioned before. Having no third parties plugins and designs it features are very limited compare to Wix and WordPress.That’s why I don’t suggest every blogger use this platform.

If you give more priority over design than features and facilities then you can choose this platform. Generally, Life style bloggers use this platform.


1.Templates Designs are exclusive
2.Mobile Friendly design
3.Well functioned SEO facilities
4.Good for life style.


1.Limited templates and plugins
2.No third party plugins and themes
3.Limited features and facilities
4.No autosave facility


Like Wix, Weebly is another popular blogging platform. That offers the same quality services and features as Wix such as website building tools, templates, and hosting. Few things are made separate Weebly from Wix.

The editor support drag and drop functionality both page and post, even you can create complex design easily by adding different kinds of design, layouts, and elements. You can easily arrange and organize a website through Weebly but you can’t use third party elements.

However, like other blogging platforms, you can’t access their source code that’s why it is very secured. But Its support system is not up to the mark.


1.Make complex design Simple
2.Drag and drop facility for both page and post.
3.100% mobile friendliness.
4.Good SEO Facility.
5.High Secured.

Cons :

1.No third party plugins and themes.
2.Can’t access their source code.
3.Support system is not up to the mark
4.Designs and plugins are very limited.


Similar to WordPress Joomla is another open source CMS platform where you can edit, delete and add new options and features. Many people consider Joomla as the alternative to WordPress. Moreover, you can handle 100s of users and publish multiple contents written in multiple languages.

However, its themes and plugin collection is lower than WordPress, that’s why still now Joomla could not beat WordPress in the CMS industry but some extensions are really great. Thus, it takes much time to set up. Use interface is very complex. Their security system is satisfactory.


1.Support Multilingual Content
2.Support Multiple Author
3.Joomla is great for e-commerce
4.Its templates and plugins are great
5.Good SEO facilities
6.Extension collections are good.


1.UI is very difficult
2.It takes much time to set up
3.Sometimes they fail to keep them up to date

6.Craf CRM

Craf CRM is a content management system that builds for blog, enterprise etc, and It is one of the most power full platforms that allows the user full control over their content and information. They also offer image editor, collaboration tools, and localization tools that can translate content into a specific language.

To analyze your content performance you can connect craft CMS with Google Analytics. For unlimited user account and to update the latest features, you must upgrade your plan from pro to enterprise version. If you have some knowledge about web development then you can fully utilize this platform. Though it’s not much popular as other platforms still it’s good.


1.Site speed and Security is good
2. Allow Multilingual Content
3.Easy to access google analytics


1.Many features are premium
2.Limited themes and plugins


Contently is a robust blogging platform that is used in enterprises on the large scale. The best thing about contently is, you can control your huge number of content from one platform. It has a customizable production tool so that you can easily set content strategy.

Before publishing content, publishing smart tools will preview your whole content and ensure your content is aligned with your brand, optimize search, and legal complaint. In fact, it is one of the smartest CMS. That’s why its price is pretty higher than other CMS. Its price range starts from 3000 to 25000.


1.Easy to control large scale content
2.Easy to do SEO
3.Security and Speed is very good
4.Lot of great features


1.Price is higher
2.Not for the beginner

8. Drupal

Drupal is an ideal platform for complex bloggers. If you don’t have proper knowledge about this platform then it would be difficult for you to use it. When you know everything about Drupal. Drupal will provide you the more power that other platforms don’t give.

Drupal has a wide collection of taxonomies, content types, page templates, blocks, views, and more for creating and managing lots of different types of content.However, user community is not much than other blogging platforms.


1.Drupal Provide much control over their platform
2.Wide variety of taxonomies
3.Easily Scalable
4.Great support system


1.Basic Coding Skill needed
2.Difficult for Beginner
3.Updated Interface.


Every blogging platforms are the best and they are providing the best services. But if you ask me which one i should recommend. I would recommend WordPress for blogging. In fact it is one of the best above all other platforms.

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