25 Powerful Ways To Promote Affiliate Link and earn $100000 Per Month

21 Powerful Ways To Promote affiliate link

25 Powerful Ways To Promote Affiliate link: Is it possible to promote affiliate links in 25 ways? Yes, it is possible. Certainly, many people are generating a high income from these. Nowadays It is no longer exists that you have to rely on only one or two platforms for promoting your affiliate links. Over the years many social media platforms and different other platforms are doing really well on the digital ocean. By promoting our affiliate links through them we can easily generate 6 figures of income.

We did comprehensive research on how to promote affiliate links on different platforms. After completing our research surprisingly we found 25 best ways to promote affiliate products both free and paid. So lets start

25 Powerful Ways To Promote Affiliate Link


Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get organic traffic from search engines. Almost 70% of affiliate marketers use Search engine optimization for promoting their products. Search engine optimization helps you to get rank on the search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo.

Though it is slightly difficult to rank on google, if you can rank on Google, it will give benefit for the long term. Many digital marketers consider search engine optimization as one of the best digital marketing platforms for Affiliate marketers and others marketers too.


Blogging is an informational journal that educates the target audience on different topics. A blogger can be a great affiliate marketer because he can able to generate traffic. Certainly, a blogger covers different topics on a specific niche where he/she can promote his niche related products.

Suppose your niche is SEO. Therefore you can promote SEO tools, SEO courses, and SEO Ebooks. Blogger and SEO are interrelated with each other. In fact, without blogging it is quite impossible to do SEO. Hence, if you know to blog, you have to know SEO.


A forum is a community of people who have some similarities between them. The best thing about a forum is, there you will get genuine and rational audiences if you join a good forum authority. Here, you can easily promote your affiliate link and has a very high chance to get the sale. Very few people use this option that’s why you should take competitive advantage.


Reddit is one kind of forum. Where you can solve different questions. You can’t directly paste your affiliate link on Reddit. You may get banned. Paste your website link on Reddit and drive the audience towards your website and put your affiliate link on the website. One more thing, getting traffic from Reddit you have to be consistent on uploading your content. Otherwise, Reddit banned you. So be careful.

5.Guest Posting:

Guest posting means uploading content on another’s website. As a result, you can drive more traffic than before. Guest posting is another best possible way to promote your affiliate links by using other’s traffic. When you have a popular website people will invite you to write a post on their website. Moreover, Guest posting increases the domain authority that helps you to get rank on google.

6.Facebook Groups:

Social media groups are another great option for uploading your affiliate link. Social Media groups are one kind of community that builds up networking. You can promote your affiliate links to either your own groups or other groups. When you are putting affiliate links on other websites make sure that your viable potential audience exists there or not.

7.Facebook Pages:

Facebook page is a very powerful tool for all sizes of businesses to reach prospects. Customers are love to interacting with the brands through different social media pages especially Facebook. In fact, a Facebook page helps to interact with customers and increase engagement.

Moreover, customers can give feedback about the product and services that you delivered. It goes without saying that a Facebook page is the best place to promote your affiliate links. On the other hand on Facebook, if you want to run paid advertisements you must need social media page.


Quora is one of the largest Question and answer websites that has 300 million monthly active users and its audience base is increasing day by day. One of the best things about quora is, it is very easy to use, and gaining traffic from quora is super fast.

When I have started my quora marketing journey within 7 days I was able to gain 10k viewers from my answer. Similar to Reddit you can’t directly post your affiliate link on Quora. Because it violates quora’s rules and regulations. Now, you can drive traffic from Quora to your website and, you can put an affiliate link on your website.


Youtube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the world. Youtube is the second largest search engine after google for video and one of the best options for the affiliate marketer to promote their products after SEO. In fact, youtube has the highest potentiality above all the options. With 1 billion videos views per day, youtube is unstoppable. From today start your youtube channel and start promoting your affiliate product and be consistent.


Webinars are a great way to promote your affiliate link. A webinar is an online live education and participation system where the audience can submit their question and comment. Webinars help you build authority, demonstrate your product to your customer, and influence the new customer.

The main objective of a webinar is to lead generation and give the greatest value to the target audience. For example, suppose you are promoting webinars tools, now you have to demonstrate whole things about these tools. There are two types of webinars live webinars and prerecorded webinars.


You can directly make review content about a specific product on your website or other social media platforms. Product review is the feedback or opinion of a particular product. It is another best practice for promoting your affiliate link.

By tying your product review content with an affiliate link you can promote your affiliate products and generate a great amount of money.

However, Your audience gets suspicious when your write everything that is positive and good. So, always write honestly and do proper research and investigation about a product before writing.

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12.Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest is a social media platform with 300 million monthly users and most of them are Women. I have separated this from other social media platforms because it is slightly different than others. Pinterest is the image search engine where people come to get ideas.

Pinterest is very userfriendly and anybody can promote it. Statistics show that almost 90% of people make purchase decisions after coming to Pinterest. Even many people directly purchase from Pinterest and they save the pins to refer others. So Pinterest is a great place to promote your affiliate link.


After Facebook Instagram is the second largest social media platform with 1 billion monthly user. And a best place of sharing photos. Around 18-30 aged group use this platform more. Its a great place to conduct a business. If you are a affiliate marketer, from today start a Instagram page for your product and service.


If you want to sell B2B products, LinkedIn should be your first priority. if there is only one option to choose for b2b product affiliation I would suggest LinkedIn marketing. Because around 94% of the content for B2B marketers found in LinkedIn. 50% b2b website traffic comes from LinkedIn. 91% of top executives find LinkedIn as the hub of quality content. So, there are no other things to say.

15. Podcast:

The podcast is one of the most trending marketing tools that market potentiality and popularity are going to the higher branch of the digital marketing tree. According to Statista, In 2020, Around 55% of USA consumers listen to the podcast which is 4% more than in previous years.

37% of podcast listeners are aged 15 to 34 years old. Most of us don’t think about the podcast for affiliate marketing. I think you should think about it for getting competitive advantages. However, if your prospect does not hear the podcast, you should not go there. Because it is very important to understand your customer and the platforms they are using.


Ebook is the best option to do affiliate marketing. In fact, it is one of the finest ways to promote affiliate products. But you have to use it strategically. For example, you can offer a free ebook to your targeted audience and in return of their email.

When you can able to arrange a great number of email lists send these audiences emails with your affiliate link, as a result, you can able to generate great sales. Thus, you can put your website link into the book, in return, your brand value will increase and this will sustain your audience mind for the long term.

So I think you can go with the ebook marketing strategy.

17.Online Course:

Online courses demand are increasing day by day right now its market size approximately 143 billion dollar and it is expected that within 2026 it is going to be 300 billion dollar industry. This is a great industry to promote your brand and get your share.

That’s why many digital marketers and social media influencers are now selling numerous courses. An online course can be a great platform to promote your product or affiliate link. Even people love to purchase when you refer something to them.

Suppose you are an email marketing expert and have created a course there you can refer to your student email marketing tools and other tools that are related to your course. Thus you can promote your affiliate program through paid sponsorship on other online courses.

18.Social Media Ads:

Social Media ads is one of the quickest ways to reach your target audience. Social media Ads are incredible for promoting digital products and physical products. You can reach millions of targeted audiences through this Ad. Compare to the other paid advertisement social media Ad is very affordable and easy to set.

Moreover, you can make an advertisement strategy according to your goal. Either you are doing affiliate marketing or other marketing both you can use Social media ads. In my perception, Social media ads are one of the best strategies for affiliate marketer to promote


PPC stands for Payperclick. An internet advertising process in which a advertise pays to google for per click of their website link. Basically, it is a buying visit to visitors rather than get it organically. Now, those who do not have much time to spend on getting organic traffic and want faster results they can choose this option.

If your PPC campaign is correctly placed on google it will show you an extraordinary result. The best thing is that if your ads and landing page are satisfying to the user, Google will charge less. As an affiliate marketer, you can run a PPC campaign and gets more results.

20. Display Advertising:

When we browse any site we can see many advertisements here and there and that we call display advertising. Like sponsored advertisement our ads will not stick with just 1 website, it will be seen on multiple websites where our targeted audience visits.

When you publish a display ad that increases your brand awareness and ROI significantly. Moreover, an average USA user watches 63 display ads per day. Moreover, Visualizing something creates brand loyalty and increases the urgency. Considering all the facts, we can say display ads can be the best place to promote your affiliate link.

21.Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to promote your affiliate link. Certainly, the email marketing success rate is far better than other marketing platforms. Email marketing requires email lists of your prospects. To whom you can send promotional messages.

In 2021 email open rate is 44.43% and CTR is 9.12% which is significantly better than previous years. more than 90% of people over the age of 15 using email. On average 90% of people are using email daily. The best thing is that what age group you are targeting and where they from email is the best option to reach them.

22.Sales funnel:

If you want to get a real customer that actually purchases then you should try the sales funnel. The sales funnel is a journey where you convert a potential customer into an actual customer. 96% of customers come to any website without any buying intention.

So make them ready to buy, sales funnel is the best option. Because, when any visitor visits a website sales funnel approaches him in different ways until he buys. According to click funnel, a popular sales funnel software) – only 1% of its customers have generated over a million dollars using a single sales funnel.

Many affiliate marketers used to sell their product by Sales funnel. If you want to understand what is sales funnel then you can read 2 books named dotcom secret and traffic secrets both books are written by Russel Branson who is a great sales funnel expert and he has his own sales funnel named click funnel.

23.Mobile Marketing:

According to Investopedia Mobile marketing is such a way of advertising that promote products and services via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphone. Right now, almost 3.8 billion people are using smartphones.

It’s an undivine tool that’s why almost 58% of mobile users check their mobile phone every 1 hour. Moreover, Over 22.1% of advertisement revenue comes from mobile devices. So, there is no way to ignore the mobile marketing strategy when your promoting affiliate links.

Before making any content consider that it is mobile friendly or not such as mobile friendly website, mobile friendly ad copy, and the other staff that is used in advertising.

24.Paid Sponsorship:

Paid sponsorship means paying someone to promote your brands on their digital platforms. That person we call an influencer. And influencer marketing is a great way to promote your website, services, and affiliate links also. Influencer marketing is more trustworthy than other marketing platforms. Because influencer inspires an audience to take action.

According to research, almost 99.53% of content fails to inspire people to take action. And influencers are such a person that can inspire person take action. So making your website a brand you have to do paid sponsorship or influencer marketing.

25.Blog Comment:

Personally I don’t like this option. But if you are new and struggling to get traffic, you can apply this technique. Find the website where your targeted audience visit or your competitor’s website. Write some constructive comments that are valuable and put your website link. Sometimes a great constructive comment can be more valuable than the main content.

Moreover, Commenting on other’s websites can impact your SEO ranking too. Because it gives no follow backlinks. Many unprofessional affiliate marketers put an affiliate link directly without describing anything, which looks spam and unprofessional. Everywhere try to look professional and interactive. Because interaction creates relations


This is the ultimate guideline for promoting affiliate links. In fact, None can avoid single one of them. A great affiliate marketer never miss any option for promotion. Now, when you are alone don’t try to focus on everything, try one or two platforms.

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