21 best affiliate program that no one ignore

best affiliate program

21 Best Affiliate programe that no one can ignore. Because these affiliate programs provide the highest commission and other incentives. We did a comprehensive research over many affiliate program and find 21 best affiliate program that require no entry fee and very trusted.

21 Best affiliate program that no one can ignore.


If you have a designing related Pinterest account, blog, or youtube channel You can promote Canva through them. You can earn up to $36 for each new Canve premium user that signs up with your referral link.

Canva is an online graphic design platform where millions of new and creative designs are available in different formats. From Facebook cover photo to Pinterest pin everything you will get from Canva. Canva is such a great platform for those who do not want to hire a graphics designer for their content.

In fact, for designing you don’t need to install heavy weight photoshop or illustrator, you can design in the Canva platform.


If you are a writer and want to motivate other writers through your Pinterest account, then you can earn some money promoting Grammarly. Grammarly is a writing tool that helps teachers, students, and professionals in their writings.

Grammarly is an AI based application, corrects your grammar mistakes and makes your content more reader friendly and understandable. You can earn $0.20 per free registration if someone registers through your affiliate link.

Moreover, you can get $20 per premium member. Grammarly does not allow PayPal, if you have a bank account that allows USD then you can start doing Grammarly affiliate marketing.

3.Click Funnel:

Click funnel is one of the best sales funnel in the world. you can earn up to 40% Monthly Recurring Commission promoting click funnels. Moreover, you can promote 2 books which are written by Russell Branson the owner of Click funnel.

Selling each of the books you can earn $1 and additionally, you will get other facilities to earn up to $248.60. Either you are a user of click funnel or not still you can promote this. There is a huge success rate of promoting click funnel.

You can promote it from your Pinterest business account.


Do you want to earn $100 per sales? then join the Wix affiliate program. Because Wix provides industry leading affiliate commissions. If you are a blogger, digital marketer, and eCommerce specialist you can easily start making money through the Wix affiliate program.

Wix is Cloud based digital platform, helps brands create their web presence. It’s an all in one web facility service which provides support from logo designing to website building and SEO. Over 109 million people are using this platform with full of satisfaction. Wix is a trusted affiliate program with no affiliate fee.

5.Any Amazon Product:

A few years ago amazon banned giving affiliate links to the Pinterest marketer due to a lot of spam content. Thanks to Pinterest for creating some strong rules and regulations over content marketing, and amazon get back its trust over Pinterest and start giving the affiliate link to the Pinterest marketers.

Now you can promote any Amazon affiliate product on Pinterest. Amazon affiliate program is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world from where you can promote millions of different products. Amazon does not have any fixed rate of their affiliate commission.

When you are promoting on Pinterest try to focus on women related products. Because users of Pinterest 80% are women.


Tailwind is an excellent tool for Pinterest marketing and Instagram marketing. Basically, Tailwind is a content scheduling tool that working with Pinterest marketers to grow their brand.

In fact, it is not only assists to schedule your content but also helps you to track every post, every Pin, and every moment. Every Pinterest marketers promote this tool.

Tailwind has a great affiliate program with three different plans. Each of them is very profitable. You can earn up to 25% in recurring affiliate commissions. You can promote Tailwind either free or paid advertisement.

7.Priceline Affiliate:

If you love to travel and want to manage your traveling expenses through some passive income then you can join the Priceline Affiliate program. Priceline is a hotel, flight, and traveling package booking platform that provides a great service and good affiliate commission to the influencer.

If you are a traveling influencer You can help people by giving different traveling related ideas through Pinterest and refer Priceline. You can earn a minimum 3% commission on each order.

8.Booking.com :

Booking.com is another traveling based company like Priceline. Booking.com also offers some great affiliate programs. If you join their affiliate program they will provide a search box, deep linking, and banner integration facilities.

In terms of the affiliate, you can earn up to 40% commission from booking.com. Moreover, booking has an offer-based, commission split model. Payment method PayPal and you can’t draw less than 100 euro.

8.Thrive Market

Thrive Market is one of the best online marketplaces that sell affordable, healthy, and organic lifestyle groceries. It offers 6000 organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan products. Its price range is comparatively affordable than others.

Health conscious people always prefer products from thrive markets. Their affiliate program also great $20 per sign up(which is equivalent to 30% of a yearly membership) cookie duration is 7 days.

9.Convert kit:

Convert kit is an email marketing tool that has a great affiliate program. In fact, World’s best affiliate marketer pat Flynn also promoting this product. Here is the case study of the Convert kit. You can generate high revenue from this affiliate program.

Moreover, if you join their affiliate program you will get free training from pat Flynn, graphics and video assets for your content, webinars to use the funnel, and finally, a dashboard to track your progress.

Lastly, you are going to get a 30% of commission for each sale and earn up to $5220.0 per month.


Are you a blogger, affiliate marketer, or digital marketer? If it is yes, Then promoting Hostgator will be very effective and profitable for you. Hostgator is one of the best hosting sites. It offers multiple hosting affiliate plans. This income is very promising and you can promote it with your Pinterest account also


From beginner to professional everyone can join their affiliate program. If you don’t have any technical skills, still you can promote Hostinger. After joining their program you will get great training sessions.

It does not take much hassle to sign up for their affiliate program within 4 steps you can join their affiliate program. However, you must need a website or youtube channel to get Hostinger’s affiliate link.

12.Site ground:

Site ground has almost a similar affiliate program like Hostgator. They have well managed affiliate program and you can payout every week. Here are their affiliate plans


Last year Bluehost paid over 5 million dollar affiliate commission alone. They have a great affiliate team that supports you 24/7 in every problem. A great tracking system helps you to monitor every action. Joining the Bluehost affiliate program is totally free.


Udmey is the largest teaching and learning platform for teachers and students. Choose a specific course from Udmey that you find effective for your audience and start promoting it through Pinterest and other platforms also.


Skill is a learning platform that offers thousands of classes in different trending skills such as design, photography, business, and more. It’s another great platform for earning through their affiliate program.

Joining the Skillshare affiliate program is very easy and no fee registration fee is needed. You will get $7 for each premium customer who will purchase a course through your links.

So, if you have a Pinterest account you can start promoting skillshare and earn money. You don’t need to require any technical skill or specific skill to promote this brand.

16.Wayfair(Home decor)

People come to Pinterest for taking ideas. Especially women are the highest users of Pinterest. Generally, most women love to decorate their house unique way as a result they come to Pinterest to taking ideas.

So, it’s the best chance for you to promote something related to home decor items. Wayfair has the best affiliate option with a lot of product variety.

It offers everything such as furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen furniture, bed and bath items, rugs, decorative items, storage items, lighting, baby and kids items, appliances, and pet products. Almost everything that needs to decorate your home.

17.Mister Art

If your content is related with art and craft related topics then you can start promoting mister art. Mister art is the first art selling platform and one of the largest art selling platforms in the world.


beauty store depot provides over 4000 different quality beauty and skincare products. When you are on Pinterest this is the best thing to promote.

If you choose Beautystoredeptop for affiliate marketing you gonna earn a good amount of money because it offers the highest commission rate and the longest cookie lifetime in the beauty industry.

Due to affordable prices, people love to come to the beauty store depot. Their commission rate is 11% per product sale and 45 days cookie duration.

19.Integrity Botanicals

Integrity botanical is the best place for getting products related to beauty. It offers thousands of items such as body care, skincare, haircare, baby and mom, men, and so on. You can promote these items on Pinterest.

Before joining its affiliate program you have to join share a sale program. The commission is a little bit lower than Beautystoredepot 10% and Earnings Per Click (EPC) average of around 4.24.

The cookie length is 30 days. Before joining its affiliate program read all its terms and conditions.


SkincareRX offers premium and professional-graded dermatology and spa-quality skincare products. Moreover, they sell the best branded products such as Dermalogica, IS Clinical, LA Roche-Posay, Natura Bisse, NuFace, Obagi, SkinCeuticals, and SkinMedica.

If your Pinterest audience loves to use some premium branded high quality product then share with them and earn probably 14% commission for each sale through you. Their cookie duration is 14 days. It is very easy to join their affiliate program.

21.Organic baby food shop

When your target audience is mothers then you can easily promote baby food. Mothers are very much concerned about their children’s health. They always prefer something fresh and organic.

In fact, almost every mother loves to buy something organic for their babies. Understanding the demand for organic baby food, you can start promoting the products of the organic baby food shop.

Organic Baby Food Shop sells 5 different types of organic baby formula such as goat’s milk, hypoallergenic, HIPP, Holle, and Lebenswert. Certainly, Most of these types have three or more stages that match with growth stages.


21 Best Affiliate marketing program that really help you to earn 6 figures income.

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