10 Ways to get free traffic

Ways to get free traffic

In today’s age marketing is all about traffic. Many companies spend millions of dollars for getting traffic. But what happened with the small business enterprises which do not have tons of money to spend getting traffic. For them, free traffic is the ultimate solution. But It does not mean when you are looking for free traffic, you are compromising with your marketing budget. In fact, many experts say free traffic convert more customer than paid. Because free traffic represents brand loyalty, trust worthiness, and reliability. Those who are want to get success overnight for them free traffic is not eligible. Getting success on free traffic takes some time. If you want to get free traffic for your enterprise, Here I am giving 2, no 3, no 4, no 10 free genuine traffic sources that no digital marketer can ignore.

1.Search Engine Optimization:
1 Billion searches are placed on google every day. In fact, it is the world’s largest digital marketing platform compare to other social media platforms. Before making any purchase decision about 47% of customers come to google for getting knowledge about products and services. But the best thing is that the world’s largest search engine allows you to get free traffic from them. But getting traffic from Google is not a cup of tea. it’s all about the game of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization means improving your website visibility for relevant searches. In one sentence it will help you to get rank on the google first page which drives millions of free traffic. Every business organization wants to get this position.

2.Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest is the world’s largest image search engine that has 400 million monthly users. Though most of them are women still it is a great place of getting free traffic. Certainly, Its marketing process slightly similar to google but not as much difficult as google. Now, if your target customers are women and you want to promote your product or service to them, Pinterest is the best option that you can try from today. Even I personally use Pinterest and getting traffic from it. Moreover, according to hubspot.com Pinterest converts more browsers into customers compare to other social media platforms. One of the best features of Pinterest that I personally love is I can easily discover what my audience looking for.

3.Youtube: Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing platform and a great source of getting free traffic. According to Wikipedia, its users watch 1 billion hours of video each day. In the 21st century, youtube has a significant impact on digital marketing. Youtube helps you to capture the right audience, especially on the mobile platform. Most importantly youtube videos rank high in the search result also which is a great way to get two ways traffic from google and youtube. On the other hand, video is a very engaging and highly appreciated content type than others.

4.Social Media Groups: Social Media users are increasing day by day. Over the period, it will increase more. As a digital marketer if you don’t utilize it properly then it is your fault. As far as social media is growing different groups and communities are also growing. In fact, Social media groups are a genuine source of getting free traffic. Basically, social media groups are making for providing value to their member. Social media groups are very much engaging, interactive, and a great way of one to one conversation. Moreover, social media groups create a relationship and build bonding.

  1. Social media Page:

Social media pages are an excellent place where your prospects come and share their review, rating, and opinion. If you are able to make a highly informative and valuable page for your audience then you don’t need to worry about traffic. Social media page is slightly different from social media groups. A social media page is a public profile that allows a brand to grow its name fame and popularity. On the other hand, a group is a community where similarly interested people come and share their opinion and ideas. Both are crucial for getting free traffic. Facebook pages not only helps to generate but also it impacts on google search engine result also.

  1. Guest Posting:
    Guest posting is sharing your content on other websites. Writing guest posting on other’s blogs allows you to drive new traffic and prospects. Additionally, it will create your brand authority in your industry and helps to rank on google. Growing qualified leads guest posting helps you to increase brand awareness, grow social media followings and shorten the sales cycle. In fact, it is one of the best solutions to sustaining in the higher competitive market. At the beginner level, people will not allow you to guest posting that’s why you have to do something unique and innovative and then you will get attention from other bloggers.
  2. Blogging: From all of the above I just love this option of blogging. Blogging is considered the hub of free traffic. Certainly, it will not only helps to get organic traffic but also generates multiple ways of earning. It was just one benefit. Blogging has multiple benefits. Most importantly, it highly impacts SEO and organic traffic. Blogging allows you to inform your customer of multiple topics that gives value. Moreover, Blogging takes part in the consumer buying process, and its one major part of marketing. Because it educates your consumer.
  3. Forum: Forum is a platform where people discuss different kinds of topics. It is another great source of getting free traffic. Forum audiences are very rational and genuine. Where you will get self minded people and most importantly you can learn many things from them. When you will able to make good communication with the forum audiences you need not worry about traffic. People will automatically come to your website to learn something new and valuable. Getting traffic from the forum you need not pay a single penny. you just need to give your effort.
  4. Quora: Quora is one of the finest answer question websites and a very easy way to getting free traffic. Yes, it is super easy to get free traffic. Real people come here to get the answer to their questions. As a result, it is very easy for a marketer to understand what people really wanted? About traffic, Quora is such a great platform that within 10 days I got 8.7k views on my 134 answers. Is not it very much awesome? And thanks to quora because due to finding the real question from the real people, you don’t require to do an expensive survey. Moreover, the biggest advantage of quora is, here you can build up brand loyalty. When you provide an informative answer it creates brand credibility. In fact, Quora allows you to engage in meaningful conversation with your target audience which represents that you are an expert in your field.
  5. Reddit: Reddit is a social news platform that allows you to vote and discuss the content that other people uploaded. it’s a great tool for marketing. In fact, many popular brands are using Reddit as marketing tools such as Toyota SpaceX, and Audi. Its discussion process is so effective and engaging that anyone wants to discuss it.

Getting free traffic always awesome. In fact, nothing is better than organic traffic. But it is not so easy task. Nobody wants to spend money but everybody wants free traffic. That’s why competition is very high and difficult. But don’t worry, everybody has equal possibilities to swim in the huge digital ocean and take advantage of it. You have to just keep patience and never be afraid to apply new things. When you apply every day something new, you will be noticeable. What others are doing, if you do the same thing you will be declined. Do something new and innovative and create something big.

10 Powerful ways to get free traffic

  1. Try Something New:
    As I have mentioned before getting big free traffic you have to be innovative and unique. This statement always keeps in your mind because everyone loves to consume something new and unique. In fact, Google gives a high rank to the high quality unique content. Making unique content, it does not mean you always make different content.

You can be unique in these places

  1. Content presentation style
  2. Image Presentation
  3. Unique Animation
  4. User interface
  5. Use Graph, Statistics
  6. Content Size
  7. Headline
  8. Tagline
  9. Video
  10. Audio
  11. Observe your competitor: Always observe your competitors what they are doing. In fact, it is one of the best strategies to get a competitive advantage. When you observe your competitors you can understand where they are good at and where they are not. According to their strength and weakness, you can make your strategy. Give value as much as possible to your competitors. Suppose your competitors did not give any video content on their post and you know the value of video content. When you put video content on your post. You will get a competitive advantage. In this way observe your competitor and put what they did not give.
  12. Use Different platforms: Above I have mentioned 10 different platforms, you can use every one of them. Remember one thing when you give advertisement your content reach both interested and uninterested audience. But when you use free traffic interest people will search you. While the 10 most popular platforms are providing the facility of getting free traffic, you have to utilize it. Most importantly, if you use every platform, your brand loyalty will increase and where your audience goes they will find you. Most alarming thing is that if you focus on just one platform it may be declined or banned anytime but when you focus on the multi platforms if one goes you will get traffic from other sources.
  13. Observe your Customer: I spend most of the time on Quora and different Social media groups. Because there I can engage with my audience and I can evaluate their needs and problems. Most of the people just focusing on getting rank on google or other social media platforms but they don’t focus on what their customers really want from them. Ultimately, you are making content for your audience, if you don’t know what is their requirement then how can you get attention. If you want to get rank on google you have to focus on Quora and other answer questioning websites because people did not find a satisfactory answer from google and youtube that’s why they asked it on these websites.
  14. Allow Guest Posting: If you work alone, you can go fast when you work with others, you can go far. This statement is also applicable in getting free traffic. Certainly, if we want to create a sustainable competitive advantage we can’t get it by killing our competitors you can get working together with them. So you can collaborate with your competitors when you create content on your competitor’s platform, you can drive your competitor’s audience in your platform, in contrast, your competitors also upload their content on your platform. As a result, both of you will become more trustworthy. This we call guest posting.
  15. Write an attractive headline: It does not matter how much value your content is? if it does not have an eye catching headline it will not grab your audience attention. In fact, 70% of people read full content after reading the headline. Try to make it unique. Making headline you can consider these 10 things
  16. Put Benefit (7 Ways to save money)
  17. Use “How to” (How to create attractive headline)
  18. Use number (100 ways to make money online)
  19. Use power words such as Powerful, ultimate, Greatest, disrupts (Ultimate guidelines of content Marketing)
  20. Step by step (7 step by step process to becoming a millionaire)
  21. Duration (get 1000 traffic in just 7 days)
  22. Use “Free” (10 ways to get free traffic)
  23. Put community (10 ways to do Pinterest marketing/ what is the consumption pattern of USA)
  24. Mistake (10 mistakes that most of the blogger do)
    10.Put uncommon things (Messi is playing cricket)

6.Create Attractive and informative images:
Image searches are increasing day by day. In fact, Pinterest is the world’s largest image searching social media platform. Informative image content draws your audience’s attention faster than text content. That’s why google put a separate option for images. Moreover, google lens is also emphasizing image content and google lens is going to be the future of search, So try to put informative and relevant images on your content. Remember one thing don’t Unneccary image because it can drain your website speed. The best advantage of image content is, you can use images on different platforms Such as your website, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platform and drive more free traffic from them.

  1. Podcast: Podcast is a good platform to drive traffic. Because a lot of people do not have much time to read any blogs so they love to hear. That’s why you can create audio content for them. Convert your text content into audio format upload it on your website or other podcast supported platform such as Buzzsprout, Simplecast, Podbean, etc. podcasting is the new and modern way to generating traffic for you. on the other hand if you make a podcast channel and people subscribe your podcast channel then it will be very useful for you to drive organic traffic. Personally, I love this option because this high tech option and more convenient than other platforms.
  2. Website Speed: Website speed is one of the major ranking factors in Google. Nobody loves a website that loads slow, personally, I don’t love those kinds of websites. Statistics show that if the Amazon.com website loads 1 second late, they face a 1 billion dollar loss. I think you have understood how much important is it to maintain your website speed. A good quality website theme and some plugins can manage your website speed

How to maintain a great quality website speed

  1. Purchase a Good quality premium theme
  2. Purchase High quality hosting plan
  3. Use Cloudflare
  4. Don’t use png image.
  5. Reduce the number of plugins
  6. Try to use less javascript
  7. Optimize your database
  8. minimize the number of javascript and CSS files
  9. Use prefetching techniques
    10.Reduce redirects
  10. Consistency: Consistency is very very important. If you are not enough consistent to upload different content then forget to get free traffic. because uploading content regularly, gives your audience a reason to come back again and again to your website. When your audience comes to your website again and again they become loyal to you. Certainly, Consistency creates brand loyalty, credibility, and trust. Moreover, Some platforms impose strong rules over consistency. If you fail to maintain consistency then they will not give any rank. for example Pinterest, Pinterest does not allow inconsistent content creators. They have strong rules, one has to upload 10 to 25 contents every day.
  11. Give newsletter: Newsletter is a great way to collect emails from your audience. Try to put a newsletter on your website because it helps you to get organic free traffic and it has many more advantages. When you have an email list of your target audience you can send them your content on their email. As a result, you will get some organic traffic. There is another advantage of having an email list. You can send different promotional emails and affiliate link, that helps to generate a good amount of money.

Here, I have discussed 10 proven sources of getting free traffic and how to get free traffic from them. After evaluating whole things we can consider that getting free traffic is not an easy task. But if you can get it, it will give you a long time benefit. Paid Advertisement is great but if you have the skill of getting free traffic you will be more skilled to generate traffic from paid ways also. So my suggestion is if you are a small business owner and you not much money for promotion you can these tools and techniques.

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